#MomGoals: Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Have you ever wondered late at night how you manage to get everything done? You’re taking care of the kids, have a relationship with your husband, make sure the house is okay, run errands, and go to work–how do you do it? The real trick? Learning the art of work-life balance. I won’t lie, this trick is a constant art we’re all still trying to learn. There may be days when we’re on top of the world and just so happy with our productivity and efficiency, and then there are days when we’re miserable because we just can’t keep up. While it’s totally normal to experience this roller coaster ride, we’ve gathered a few tips you can keep in mind to stay in tune with yourself, your goals, and everything you need to accomplish in a more harmonious way that won’t make you feel robbed of yourself or your life at the end of the day.

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Prepare in advance.

With the million things you have to do, it would greatly help to think ahead and prepare things in advance. Different moms have different techniques, but what really works for me is keeping a calendar of everything I need to take note of (e.g. my schedule, the kids’ schedules, family events, date nights, etc.) so that I know everything that is going on within my family and my personal/work schedule before committing to anything else. It also helps me plan ahead too. If I’ve got a birthday party to attend to, I can buy the birthday gift earlier so I don’t have to shop frantically later on. Want to keep meals healthy? Plan out the week’s menu and your children’s baon during the weekend so you won’t feel so guilty putting whatever’s available on the fridge in their snack box.


Learn to say NO.

The mere fact that you are a working mom already makes you incredibly awesome! You don’t need to feel like you have to accomplish everything to be called a super woman or a super mom. If you do have a choice, and you think you can’t do it, it’s okay to say no.


Ask for help.

Reaching out for help doesn’t make you any less super. In fact, it makes you even more admirable and this will definitely benefit you and your family if you’re not always out there trying to keep sane, accomplishing every single task. Divide and conquer–both at work and at home. Learn to delegate or ask for help when needed. You might be surprised at how much your husband and your kids, or your workmates, are actually willing to take charge of chores or tasks.


Be efficient.

Set attainable goals daily at work and at home. Focus on work when it’s time for work and try to rid yourself of distractions when you have urgent matters or deadlines to meet. This will help you accomplish what’s needed for the day so you won’t have to sacrifice family time.



There is a saying that goes, “Technology should help make your life easier, not control it.” With the fast paced growth of technology, it’s actually really hard to realize when it’s already taking control of your life. You just seem to find yourself needing it for a minute to check on something, then realizing you’ve already been scrolling for an hour! I think it would really help to be more mindful of how you spend your time, especially with your family, so disconnect when needed. If people really need you, tell them to call you via your mobile number and not through any app connected to the internet.


Make time to stay active.

I know, it already seems too much to be squeezing any fitness or sports activity into our daily lives, and aren’t we active enough? I’m sorry to say that office work, doing the dishes, and chasing after a toddler doesn’t really count as a fitness activity. You need to get those endorphins running, not just because it can benefit you physically but especially mentally. The production of endorphins after exercising helps keep you relaxed, happy, and positive.


Prioritize yourself.

You can’t accomplish everything you’re doing without YOU! Which is why, above all things, you should learn to cut yourself some slack, and give yourself a break. Schedule me times–visits to the salon or spa, or even just alone time to read a book or watch a show. Whatever makes you feel alive and happy, do it! And don’t rub yourself off too much for piles of dirty laundry or unwashed dishes or messy beds. You’re doing the best you can! It’s okay to not get everything done–that’s basically what work-life balance is about. Learn to accept that emails won’t all get answered in a day, and laundry baskets won’t get emptied over the weekend. Make peace with the fact that what’s urgently needed will be done, and for everything else, you’ve always got tomorrow.


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