Here’s Why Online Shopping Is Your New Best Friend

You can’t even go on most websites anymore without ads popping up. More and more apps are targeting you–yes, you reading this right now through your gadget–and showing you items on sale online. Online shopping is the new normal nowadays, and if you have a smartphone, you’re already all set to go. With the Christmas rush coming up, here are a few reasons why online shopping can actually beat mall or tiangge shopping!

Baby and Breakfast: Motherhood Here's Why Online Shopping is Your New Best Friend


You can shop in your pajamas.

You literally do not have to get out of bed to shop. Even if you’re still bleary-eyed or sleepy, just keep one eye open and swipe away! If you wanna go out to shop, you have to fix up and lose the losyang look, get in a car and use up extremely expensive gasoline, and wait in line to find parking. But if you just find your deals online, you can savor the pleasure of shopping anywhere! Even while you’re still in your pajamas, or while you’re on the toilet, or while you’re pretending to listen to your boss, or while you’re waiting in line at the bank… the list goes on and on.


You can breastfeed and shop--24/7!

New moms can attest to this: There’s always something lacking in our arsenal of baby supplies! I have actually never heard of galactagogues until I discovered online shopping! I didn’t know that there were cheaper breastmilk bags that still serve you well compared to the usual popular mall brands. You now have access to more breastfeeding and nursing options that you can never find in the baby section of the department store.


You can compare prices faster.

Say you go to the mall to look for a new shirt. You go into the first store and you think that there’s a chance you might find the same style in a different store, with possibly a cheaper price. You’d have to walk around the mall to find the right one, when you could actually just go to a store website and find the one that suits your needs faster. With internet algorithms at work, you will be presented with similar options without even having to type anything in the search bar. Some retail websites often have the exact same item listed under different merchants selling it for different prices. That’s okay, because at least you can see who’s selling it at a fairer price and take it from there!


You can send a gift easily.

Online shopping can also go hand in hand with direct to home delivery services. You can even order an item and coordinate with the seller to have it picked up by a motorcycle delivery guy and get your purchases in under an hour! This makes buying gifts online and sending it to a friend’s house across town or overseas possible.


You can buy items discreetly.

There are some things we want or need to buy, but don’t necessarily want an acquaintance to catch us holding at the cash register, right? Need to buy feminine products before you run out of stock? Now, you don’t have to bug your husband to run to the store for you, you can just use a shopping app and replenish your supply within a short period of time!


You can check out honest reviews.

Trends come and go, but truth be told, there are some things that don’t live up to the hype. Online shoppers can do you one solid by giving honest (and sometimes even brutal) raves or rants about products so you don’t have to fall into the wrong shopping trap. Ever tried asking a store keeper what their best-seller is? Chances are, they might not even really know based on facts, or they could be pushing a particular item to you just to make a sale. Not all online sellers are honest and true, but star ratings and product reviews can help guide you towards making the right purchases.


It could eventually give you an idea for a business of your own.

After scouring through Facebook sale groups or discount apps, you might strike gold with an idea for your own online shopping business. You can sell everything online these days, and if you market yourself well and use your social network, you could make a pretty decent profit without having to maintain a store or pay employees.


You can let go of your pre-loved items to make way for new ones.

Swap groups are rampant on Facebook now, wherein you can sell those hardly-used onesies or toys that did not get enough mileage with your toddler. Instead of gathering dust in the cabinet, you can sell them for a fraction of the price and feel better about buying that cute outfit for your kid that would most likely be too small again in a few months. But hey, at least you got a deal!


You don’t have to travel far and wide anymore.

You can now stop relying on your balikbayan cousin to bring you something from the U.S. anymore! Online shopping brings stores from abroad closer and within reach through online shopping, making it all the more possible for you to pump up your #OOTDs or fill up your pantry with international goodies. Shipping rates do apply, and your patience can get tested at times, but who doesn’t love ripping a package open that arrived just for you?


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