12 Family Shoot Themes The Whole Fam Will Want To Try Out!

Thinking about different ideas and looking through different themes for your family shoot is always a fun and exciting thing to do. Sometimes though, it may become overwhelming because there are LOTS of themes out there, and it may also become a pressuring task because you’re all too eager to pick the PERFECT theme to showcase your family’s personality. Don’t worry now, we gathered 12 different themes for you to help narrow down your choices. So go scroll away and enjoy!

Baby and Breakfast: Family Shoots 12 Family Shoot Themes the Whole Fam Will Want to Try Out!


Country Farm
Photographer: The Stork Studio | Family Shoot: A Carefree and Fun Family Shoot in the Countryside

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in nature. This siblings’ pictorial was not only country themed because of their farm inspired outfits, but with their location as well–being shot in the countryside, in their family farm!


Tea Party
Photographer: Mayad Beginnings | Family Shoot: A Whimsical Tea Party Family Shoot

Who doesn’t love a dainty tea party, right? With the right whimisical styling and details, a tea party inspired shoot can certainly be a swoon-worthy affair. Now give me some cup of tea, please!


Army Camp
Photographer: Harry Lim Photography | Family Shoot: Biking Bunch

Welcome to Camp Kaleb! This family shoot doubled as little Kaleb’s pre-birthday shoot. And if you’re wondering why they decided to go with an army-inspired theme, it’s probably because Kaleb starts with K, and he’s turning 1–a.k.a. K1. *wink wink*


White Christmas
Photographer: Ivy Tuason Photography | Family Shoot: An Elegant White Christmas Family Photo Shoot

Red and green are the colors that usually come to mind when we think of Christmas, but not for this family. Just take a look at their gorgeous White Christmas themed family shoot! The white, silver, and light blue are so refreshingly cool!


Bohemian Love
Photographer: Bob and Zab Photography | Family Shoot: Outdoorsy Darling

This bohemian inspired family shoot is so charming exactly because of its simplicity and the beauty of the surrounding nature. I like how their props were simple, but truly oozed out boho, like the mini tent and dreamcatcher.


Beauty and the Beast
Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings | Family Shoot: Be Our Guest in this Gorgeous Beauty and the Beast Family Shoot!

Oh-so-regal! This Disney Princess inspired shoot is totally stunning me with its bold red and gold colors. I love how they incorporated Beauty and The Beast-esque furniture and details for an even more real deal feel.


Top – Photographer: Manny and April Photography | Family Shoot: Sweet Sunshine, Bottom – Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Family Shoot: Matching With Mommy

Have you ever heard of twinning? What about couple shirts or couple outfits? This family and this mom-and-daughter duo pulled this fashion term off so perfectly! You should think about doing this for your next family pictorial too!


Dainty River Picnic
Photographer: Harry Lim Photography | Family Shoot: A Pink Picnic

Aaah, there’s nothing like being in the outdoors, just appreciating the beauty of nature. You should certainly try having your next family shoot in the great outdoors, with nature as your backdrop. Trust me, you won’t have to do much for props!


Sporty Biking
Photographer: The Creative People | Family Shoot: Biking Bunch

What’s your family’s favorite sport or activity? Be it swimming, rock climbing, or biking, why not incorporate that loved family activity into your family shoot theme? It’s going to be a whole lot fun doing what you guys love together!


Music Festival
Top – Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Family Shoot: One Kramer Christmas, Bottom – Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Family Shoot: Alex Jazz and Jennylyn Mercado

Let’s rock and roll! I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a fun Coachella-themed shoot. Put on your best music festival inspired #ootds, and don’t forget to surround yourself with colorful, bohemian elements!


Cozy Campfire
Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Family Shoot: Cozy Campfire

Pitch your tents and get started on that bonfire! Instead of recreating it at home or in a studio, why not set up your shoot in a real forest, just like how this family did. Nothing beats the great outdoors, folks!


Carnival Magic
Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Family Shoot: One Kramer Christmas

Fun, full of color, and loaded with personality, this carnival themed family shoot is so cute! Carnivals are naturally all about fun and humor, so maybe you should consider a theme like this if you’d love for your family pictorial to bring out good vibes all the way.


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