Read this if You are Pregnant and Planning to Travel!

With the holiday spirit in the air and family vacations being scheduled left and right, you might have thought of passing up on family bonding chances just because you’re pregnant, and think that traveling is a big no-no. While it sure ain’t easy traveling with a baby belly, but it’s definitely not impossible! So once you’re given a go-signal by your doctor, here are some tips you can keep in mind to make traveling with a bump, easy breezy.

Baby and Breakfast: Pregnancy Travel Tips for Pregnant Women


According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the best time to travel is during the second trimester, between 14-28 weeks, when medical emergencies are less likely to occur. I actually remember feeling my best during my second trimester, and I would consider it my favorite time while being pregnant. The nausea and constant vomiting I experienced during my first trimester (plus the fact that I was told to stay in bed) was gone by the time I reached the second trimester. It was also the time when I wasn’t too big yet (as I was during the third trimester), and there were not as much complications either.


Choose your destination carefully.

While it’s okay to travel, you should still be mindful of you and your baby’s safety. Make sure the destination is safe, with access to clean drinking water, restrooms, comfortable beds, has a nearby hospital, and of course, has a low risk of any possible foodborne diseases.


Bring your own healthy snacks and lots of fluids.

For any type of travel, it’s always best to bring your own food to lessen any risks of getting unwanted diseases or an upset stomach. This is especially important when you’re pregnant. To avoid cutting the trip short, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have all the snacks and fluids you need for the duration of your trip. You also might want to consider bringing your own water bottles and utensils as well.


Plan your route wisely.

If you’re traveling by car, I’m sure you know by now that pregnancy causes, maybe a hundred trips to the bathroom in a day! And neglecting to do so may cause Urinary Tract Infection which is very common among pregnant women. So make sure you ask your husband to plan possible pit stops for your bathroom breaks. You can also include pit stops for snack breaks too!


Remember: Your comfort is a priority.

Having a baby bump may cause discomfort on its own, so make sure you rid yourself of any unnecessary stress. If you’re traveling by plane, it wouldn’t hurt to check your options for a hassle free trip–whether it be reserving seats near the comfort room, or upgrading to business class or premium seats–it’s always a good thing to research and plan in advance. If you’re reaching your destination by car, bringing some pillows and a blanket may be something you should consider.


Have medications and emergency numbers handy.

We’re all wishing for a smooth and trouble free trip, but it pays to be ready and equipped. Make sure medications are easily reachable and emergency numbers such as your OB’s or an ambulance can be easily dialed.


Keep a relaxed, happy, and peaceful disposition.

If something goes wrong and you feel yourself stressing out, don’t worry about it. (Your partner has got it handled, right?) Just keep calm, and have a cool and happy disposition. A relaxing playlist might help or a marathon of your favorite feel-good movies or series!


Be prepared.

While you can’t expect everything to be perfect, make certain that you triple check everything in advance. Pack ahead and make lists so you won’t forget anything, make sure you got the flight schedule correct and everything’s settled once you get to your destination, or ensure that the car is running smoothly, machine and tires are checked, and the gas has been filled.


Listen to your body.

Last but not the least, the most important tip of all when traveling, is to listen to your body. If you feel overtired, make sure you prioritize rest, or take a break. If the food doesn’t seem to smell right or taste right, ditch it. At the end of the day, you don’t have to deprive yourself of having fun, as long as you take care of yourself and your baby while doing so.


Pregnancy should be enjoyed and isn’t something that should hinder you from making the most out of all the holiday fun! Of course (with the approval of your trusted OB) traveling can be enjoyed, even with your baby bump!


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