Here are Just Some of the Baby and Breakfast Team’s Favorite Parties from this Year!

We love all the parties we feature on the site! The different themes, the adorable celebrants, the beautiful styling–we love them all! But of course, we can’t deny we have our “personal favorites”… so I asked the Baby and Breakfast team for their top three faaavorite parties from this year 2018. Now go enjoy looking back at all the pretty celebrations!

Baby and Breakfast: BANB Picks Here are Just Some of the Baby and Breakfast Team's Favorite Parties from this Year!


Donut and Pastel Sweetness
Photographer: Amilion Ignacio Photography | Girl Party: Illy’s Adorable Donut Themed Birthday Party | Event Stylist: Party Styling Divas

Besides the sweet theme of the party, I just love the color scheme. It’s so bright, vibrant, and chic! The giveaways were spot on, and can I just say, that having a party in a baby gym is just absolute genius!

– Chinny, Content Manager


Cool Pool Palm Springs Vibrance
Photographer: Little Coeo | Boy Party: Surya’s Splashing Palm Springs Pool Party | Event Stylist: Party Magic

It’s such a vibrant party. Every time you look at it, you’re reminded of summer and how fun it is to be by the pool!

– Sam, Social Media Manager


A Shabby Chic Market Party
Photographer: Little Big Stories Studio | Girl Party: Aubrey’s Shabby Chic Market Themed Party | Event Stylist: Design Choosedays Manila

I am for anything that has got to do with nature! So any fruits-, flowers-, veggies-related theme is always a winner for me. This party definitely put its A game on, by incorporating real, fresh fruits and vegetables in the decor! Totally the chicest, cutest market in town.

– Kimiko, Content Writer


Sing! Your Heart Out
Photo: Mayad Beginnings | Boy Party: Kirk’s Sing! The Movie Themed Celebration | Event Stylist: The Party Project Manila

I really enjoyed the movie Sing!, so it was just natural that I liked this party’s theme. This is also the only Sing! themed party featured on the site so far, making it quite the unique one. Plus, I like how the styling and all the details are consistent with the overall theme.

– Mary, Graphic Designer


Tropical Aviary Chicness
Photo: Artystafoto Kids | Girl Party: A Chic Tropical Aviary Birthday Bash for Artyst | Event Stylist: Plan N’ Style

Not only is this theme unique, it’s also super sophisticated! The watercolor paintings, the feathers, and greens–I only hope to see more of these kinds of parties next year!

– Chinny, Content Manager


Scandinavian + Panda Cuteness
Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios | Boy Party: Pio’s Scandinavian Themed Panda Party | Event Stylist: Style It Dainty

I find the black and white color scheme to be so unique for a kid’s birthday party! I love the unlikely yet cute combination of the Scandinavian style with the pandas. And I also really like the cake because of its minimalist design.

– Mary, Graphic Designer


Posh, Plush, and Pink!
Photographer: Cocoon Studio | Girl Party: Billie’s Grand Slumber Party is So Posh and Plush! | Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa

I’ve always wanted a slumber party themed birthday! And this is like every girl’s dream–the party makes you feel like a princess.

– Sam, Social Media Manager


Colorful Around-the-World Grandness
Photography: Nice Print Photography | Boy Party: A Grand Around The World Themed Celebration for Elijah | Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa

Aaah, this around-the-world themed party is the party to check out. Super grand, super beautiful! The styling, the flowers, the colors–everything just looked so grand and magical! And I love how each area had a different, but equally gorgeous styling.

– Kimiko, Content Writer


Sweet 60's Diner Loving
Photographer: Oh Hello Studios | Girl Party: A Pastel Themed Diner Birthday Blowout for Dree | Stylist and Dessert Buffet: With A Flourish

This birthday kind of reminds me of the Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe from one of my fave series, Riverdale–just a happier, lighter, and more pastel version. I like how the family really dressed up to match the 60s diner theme. Plus, the desserts look so yummy!

– Mary, Graphic Designer


Outdoor Fun with Winnie the Pooh
Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings | Boy Party: An Absolutely Adorable Winnie the Pooh Themed Party for Liam | Event Stylist: Party Magic

The styling of this party was amazing! It just really brought the whole party to life. The attention to detail in everything (including the desserts) deserves a definite A++!

– Chinny, Content Manager


A Perfectly Strange Stranger Things Bash
Photographer: Amilon Ignacio | Girl Party: A Stranger Things Themed Birthday for Mili | Event Stylist, Decorations: Mago Events Stylist

Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows. I loved how they did the backdrop and used the Eggos!

– Sam, Social Media Manager


An Oh-So-Fab Pinoy Fiesta
Photographer: Photography by Regina | Girl Party: A Fabulous Pinoy Fiesta for Madeleine | Event Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs

I love cultural-themed parties! Especially when it’s a Filipino-themed one. This party stayed true to the Filipino elements–from the decor, to the costumes, to the entertainment! I also just really love how everything looked so fun and colorful. Plus, there were such cute, talented dogs (in costumes too) performing! Seriously, what’s not to love?

– Kimiko, Content Writer


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