Check Out These Cool Baby Names for 2019!

It’s 2019! Can you believe it?! To start this year off, we came up with a list of some cute and unique baby names for both girls and boys. So if you’re expecting, or if you’re expecting to be expecting this year, then this might just help you out. Scroll away, and don’t forget to comment your favorite name!

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting Check Out These Cool Baby Names for 2019!

GIRL'S NAMES Adeline Pronunciation: A-DE-LEAN Meaning: Noble, Nobility Origin: French Bonnie Pronunciation: BON-NEE Meaning: Beautiful, Cheerful Origin: Scottish Carys Pronunciation: CAH-RIZ Meaning: Love Origin: Welsh Dahlia Pronunciation: DAH-LYUH Meaning: Elegance, Dignity Origin: Scandinavian Evangeline Pronunciation: EH-VAN-JE-LEAN Meaning: Bearer of Good News Origin: Greek Lyla Pronunciation: LIE-LUH Meaning: Night Origin: Arabic Margot Pronunciation: MAR-GO Meaning: Pearl Origin: French Nova Pronunciation: NO-VUH Meaning: New Origin: Latin Orla Pronunciation: OR-LUH Meaning: Golden Princess Origin: Irish Seraphina Pronunciation: SEH-RUH-FEE-NA Meaning: Ardent, Fiery Origin: Hebrew

BOY'S NAMES Ari Pronunciation: AH-REE Meaning: Superior, Best of Thinkers Origin: Greek Brayden Pronunciation: BRAY-DEN Meaning: Broad Hillside Origin: English Caspian Pronunciation: CAS-PEE-YUN Meaning: From Qazvin (Iran) Origin: English Chase Pronunciation: CHASE Meaning: Huntsman Origin: English Hugo Pronunciation: HEW-GO Meaning: Bright in Mind and Spirit Origin: Germanic Landon Pronunciation: LAN-DUN Meaning: From the Long Hill Origin: English Lincoln Pronunciation: LING-KON Meaning: Town by the Pool Origin: English Reign Pronunciation: RAIN Meaning: Rule, Sovereign Origin: English Wyatt Pronunciation: WHY-YUT Meaning: Brave in War Origin: French Old English Zayd Pronunciation: ZAYD Meaning: Super Abundance Origin: Arabic

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