9 Fun Invitation Inspirations For Your Kid’s Party

Invitations are something you should never skimp on. Not only do they include the five Ws (who, what, where, when, why), but it also sets the mood of the party. If there’s anything that can hype up the guests in an instant, this is it. Here are nine unique invitation pegs that are perfect for your themed party. If you’re currently planning your kid’s party, then this one’s for you! Be sure to check out the list below and get your creative juices flowing because you are in for a surprise!

Baby and Breakfast: Party Planning Fun Invitation Inspirations for Your Kid's Party


1. Unicorn Magic

Photo via Etsy

Throwing the ultimate magical party for your kid? You wouldn’t want to miss this pretty invitation! The flower crown and cute eyelash combo will surely capture the attention of many.


2. Glitzy Glam Princess

Photo via A Pumpkin And A Princess

Show your guests how dreamy your kid’s birthday bash is going to be with this magic mirror invite that is fit for princesses like her!


3. Spa-mazing Session

Photo via Etsy

Who said little girls don’t need some pampering? This eye mask invite can also be used as props for photo ops! How cute is that? Be sure to ask your guests to bring their invites with them to the party!


4. Under the Sea Celebration

Photo via Etsy

This pop-up invitation is perfect for your kid’s mermaid dream celebration! Who doesn’t love a pretty pop-up invite?


5. Tropical Luau Love

Photo via Etsy

A pastel themed luau will make your little one feel like a Barbie girl! You can never go wrong with this simple yet vibrant invite!


6. As Sweet As Honey

Photo via Bugaboo City

If you’re having a Disney themed celebration, you might wanna consider this Winnie the Pooh slider card invitation. It’s too adorable to ignore!


7. Make A Splash!

Photo via Bloglovin

A pool party is well-loved by kiddos. Make sure to kickstart their excitement by sending out this printable invite!


8. Take Me to Space

Photo via Etsy

Nothing says “Have a blast!” more than an outer-space themed invite! It’s simple and easy to make but lo and behold, guests will be blown away, that’s for sure!


9. Dessert Deliciousness

Photo via Etsy

Surprise your guests with this yummy invite! It’s the perfect hint that they’re in for a treat!


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