Here Are Some Skin Care Tips That Every Mom Will Definitely Want To Know

Moms are notorious for being selfless–so selfless in fact that they will skip taking a shower if it means those extra minutes will get their child clothed, bathed, fed, and ready for the day. Giving their time to others in the family becomes the norm for moms even as they get older, to the point that sometimes, putting on moisturizer feels like a luxury because of the precious minutes it takes up.

But, to the mothers out there, let’s be honest–we’ll feel a whole lot better if we take care of ourselves, right? And we can’t pour from an empty cup–we have to look after ourselves, make sure we’re in tiptop shape, so that we’re at our best when we take care of our family. So I asked Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce for some skin care tips that every mom (whether a new mom or a mom who’s got teens and kids in college) will definitely want to know.

Baby and Breakfast: Beauty Here Are Some Skin Care Tips That Every Mom Will Definitely Want to Know


Make it fast.

There are a million things to do and 24 hours to do it, so if you want to squeeze in your skin care routine, it has to be done in a matter of minutes. Whittle it down to the basics–facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. These three should take roughly a minute each to accomplish.


Make it efficient.

The scientific advancements in skin care nowadays are amazing–one product can address a number of concerns! Find yourself products that address your concerns all at once. Facial cleansers can clean and brighten your skin tone, toners can help keep acne at bay while exfoliating your skin, and moisturizers can plump the face up, while touting to fill in the little lines in your face.


Make it target your main concerns.

But it can only do so if you’re using the skin care product that suits your skin type. For those in their 20s, simply choosing products that either address dry, oily, or combination skin is pretty much the concern. When women hit their 30s, it’s time to think of adding more moisture into the skin to keep that collagen in. Collagen keeps your skin looking plump and supple, keeping your skin from sagging or looking sullen.


Don't be afraid to add to your routine.

Get into the habit of putting on sunscreen to protect yourself from skin conditions (like skin cancer!)–your older self will thank you for it. Eye cream is also an oftentimes overlooked skin care product, but is a must have in every mom’s beauty arsenal–it hides the sleepless nights you have by lightening dark circles or lessening the puffiness, and helps keep the crow’s feet and fine lines away.


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