10 Apps That Are Every Mom’s Lifesavers

What a time to be alive! Being a first time mom can be a struggle for anyone, anywhere, in any decade! But a great advantage we presently enjoy (and our parents or grandparents possibly only wished for) is the help of technology. While there are in fact, some very real issues brought about by certain advancements, convenience for a new parent is never going to be one of them. Today, we’re sharing with you popular apps that could help you transition more easily into your new life. Since everything is at the tip of our fingers through our smartphones, make sure to make room for the following in yours!

Baby and Breakfast: Motherhood 10 Apps that are Every Mom's Lifesavers



Can’t leave the house with a baby in tow for groceries? This app has got you, and will deliver right to your doorstep within the next hour or two. You can choose from different supermarkets around your location. They also deliver food from a variety of nearby restaurants if you can’t cook right now and fastfood just won’t cut it.



Diapers, wet wipes, baby stuff, non-baby stuff, with a Cash on Delivery payment method (if you’re wary about giving your credit card details), free shipping for some products, never-ending sales, and more are just some of the reasons why these shopping apps have now grown the Philippine market for online retail.


Baby Center/The Bump/What to Expect

Useful apps from when you were pregnant and until after as they continue to give you weekly updates, suggest age appropriate activities, and track your baby’s growth and development.


Wonder Weeks

This one was particularly helpful for me in understanding my baby’s changing temperaments and her mental development spurts known as “leaps”. An award winning app based on a bestselling book and medical accuracy, it’s worth the ₱149 price tag, trust me.



Suddenly need to go somewhere and you can’t or don’t want to drive? Safe, convenient, and actually cheaper than a taxi, this car booking service picks you up from your home and gets you where you need to be pronto.



Inspirations for your baby’s room, monthly photo shoots, party themes, etc. Add a little pretty to everything with this app!



Video and photo editors for all your captured milestones. With the right editing, these apps manage to make even some phone camera videos and photos look professionally taken.



Who doesn’t love discounts? These restaurant apps give you 50% off or buy one get one promos from a wide range of restaurants, for you and your family.



As in Period Diary. Doesn’t need a lot of explanation–this one helps track all things related to Aunt Flo.


Social Media Apps and Netflix

Honestly, a lot of your me time will now only happen once your baby falls asleep, and these apps connect you to your old self again. Be armed with earphones within your reach, and allow yourself a little downtime by mindlessly going through your feed or binge watching shows you love. Sleep is for the weak anyway, right?


Do you agree with our list? What are other apps you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!


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