A Bright and Colorful Newborn Shoot for Tasha

Baby Tasha was truly a blessing and miracle baby to her parents. Her mom, Jill, says, Tasha is our first born baby, but before we had her I had a miscarriage. It has been a long and difficult journey for my husband Tom and I. We were already considering IVF treatment, but through prayers and faith Tasha was conceived naturally. She truly is our rainbow baby.” Rainbows often come out at the end of a storm. They’re taken by some to mean hope and beauty, even after hardships and hard weather. So if you’re experiencing a storm in your life, take heart because you may find your own rainbow soon after. Ready to see these bright and colorful photos from Just Rebecca Photography? Scroll down, and keep smiling!

Baby and Breakfast: Family Shoots A Bright and Colorful Newborn Shoot for Tasha



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Photographer: Just Rebecca Photography

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