10 Exciting Activities You Have to Do with Your Family!

Can you believe that 2019 is here? I know that a month has already passed, but it just seems like time has flown by so quickly. So before you let the rest of the year pass by you, why don’t you take a look at these exciting activities you have to try out this year. From learning a little history together and spending time with animals to going on a bike ride and swimming in an aqua park, we’ve got all sorts of activities I’m sure you and the whole fam will absolutely love! Go on and check out our list right now!

Baby and Breakfast: Activities 10 Exciting Activities You Have to Do with Your Family in 2019!


1. Explore the walled city.

Photo via theniwaslike

How about taking your kids to Intramuros for a history-filled day one weekend? Whether you choose to go on a tour, or explore the old buildings on your own, the whole family stands a chance to beef up on some local history. Plus, there are many areas nearby that serve up some delicious local delicacies too!


2. Participate in a yoga class as a family.

Photo via Urban Ashram Yoga

Don’t make exercise all about just mom and dad, have the kids get involved too! Ask your nearby yoga studio if they have kiddie yoga packages, or even if it’ll be possible for your whole family to do a class together. The breathing exercises, stretches, and poses will surely do everyone a world of good.


3. Take a family selfie with life-sized sweets.

Photo via The Dessert Museum

Want a colorful family photo with life-sized sweets? Head on over to the Dessert Museum where I’m sure your kids will love the bright and vibrant displays, interactive activities, and of course, the free sweets that come with every room.


4. Swim in an aqua park.

Photo via Inflatable Island

Wondering what you can do with your family over the summer break? How about trying out an aqua park? With the large inflatables, slides, pools, and more, we’re sure the kids will get a kick trying everything. Check out Inflatable Island in Olongapo, Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark and Adventure Waterpark in Subic, and Amana Waterpark in Bulacan to name a few.


5. Watch a show.

Photo via Phyllis Abrasaldo

Have your kids ever experienced watching a show in CCP or Solaire? Be on the lookout for shows and musicals the whole family will enjoy. It can be a local or international theater company, or even a ballet school having a recital, the experience of watching something live and on stage is truly unforgettable.


6. Learn some history.

Photo via Arvhie Santos

Besides Intramuros, try and visit the National Museum of Natural History. The clean and modern interiors are the perfect backdrop to learn about the ancient artifacts of our country. Since the museum is near Intramuros, you can make the whole day one of history and learning!


7. Eat your heart out at a weekend market.

Photo via Travel & Teacups

Get your kids up early one weekend for a light jog around the park (or even a game of dodgeball–cause why not, right?), and then head on over to a nearby weekend market. Browse through the many vendors selling different kinds of food and try them all! And who knows? You might even find some pretty cool deals, too.


8. Experience a biking trail.

Photo via The Bike Playground

Biking is something I’ve always thought that every child has to learn. Think of it as a life skill that’ll come in handy when they get older. And hey, it’s fun when you do it together as a family too! You can go to a biking trail in Nuvali, rent bamboo bikes in Intramuros, or even try out trails in the city like The Bike Playground in Circulo Verde.


9. Go to a trampoline park.

Photo via Bounce Philippines

Let your kids expend their never-ending supply of energy in a trampoline park. Besides bouncing up and down in the many trampolines, there are other activities you can do too, like basketball, wall climbing, bubble balls, and more! You can check out Bounce Philippines or Trampoline Park for options.


10. Spend time with animals.

Photo via Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate

If you’ve got animal loving kids, then spending time with animals is an absolute must. Whether it’s a big zoo, a mini zoo, a petting zoo, or even a farm, as long as the kids get some quality animal time in, that’s all that matters. Check out the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena, Ark Avilon Zoo, and more places you can bring them here!


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