9 Pet Peeves That Give Moms The #Feels

Oh, to be a mom in this day and age! It is definitely one roller coaster ride–from the wider choices we face on food and baby products, to the different parenting styles we learn about, it can really get a bit overwhelming–all the more when people’s eyes are always on us! Check out these pet peeves that just make us want to go momzilla sometimes! Hahaha!

Baby and Breakfast: Motherhood, Feels 9 Pet Peeves that Give Moms the #Feels


1. When someone judges anything about breastfeeding

And I mean ANYTHING–from why and where you’re doing it to talks about formula and weaning! Seriously. Every mom has the right to decide when to wean. I mean, these are my boobs, right? So I don’t think I should conform to anyone’s rules but mine.


2. When people think they know your child more than you do

Sure, he’s crying because he’s totally hungry, even if I fed him a complete meal around five minutes ago… when you were not here, because um, who are you again? So yeah, you’re absolutely right, he is definitely hungry, and needs to feed every five minutes.


3. When people think being a stay-at-home-mom means you’re living the life

Oh, because it’s so much fun to do the dishes, deal with a pile of laundry, cook meals, clean the house and see it get messed up again by your baby after five minutes, run after a toddler, get called mom 100 times per hour–all these every single day is totally what dreams are made of!


4. When someone compares your baby’s milestones with their baby’s or with other babies

Your child can do what when he was just what? Wow, that’s so nice, and I’m genuinely happy for you, but can we just put a period there? I don’t think there’s a need for comparisons.


5. When your toddler is not a rainbow-pooping, always smiling, and well-behaved little human, then people assume something’s completely wrong with your parenting style

I feel like such a bad mom because my child is the ONLY one who gets tantrums, EVER. I’m so sorry I’m so bad at parenting I let him cry it out and learn to deal with his emotions so he won’t have pent up feelings when he gets older.


6. When someone lectures that organic, gluten-free, all-natural, etc., is the ONLY way to go to raise a happy, healthy child

I don’t think my mom ever fed me any of those, and I feel pretty fine.


7. When someone looks so surprised that you let your toddler watch Netflix

I’m a mom and I’m also human. Sometimes I need to enjoy my coffee hot and eat my food properly–as in be able to get it inside my mouth and enjoy the whole meal. So, yup!


8. When people judge the way you gave birth (whether you chose to undergo the knife or not)

To people saying you probably didn’t do this and that which is why you didn’t give birth naturally, or saying C-section moms are not real moms, I may or may not have chosen to give birth naturally or via C-section, and I don’t think I need to explain why, because I gave birth to a human. Period. Why are you even talking, again?


9. When people say you don’t post much about your baby, you probably don’t have time for the baby anymore. Or you post too much photos of your baby, what about his/her rights to privacy?

Can’t please everybody, I guess.


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