These Are Not Your Typical Summer Workshops for Kids (But We’re Pretty Sure Your Kids Will Still Love Them)!

Summer is here, and while spending more time sleeping, hanging out at the beach, watching movies, and playing endless video games may sound enticing to your young ones, we bet their summer will be even more fantastic if spent learning something new. So we gathered a list of the coolest 2019 summer workshops, camps, or classes in the metro for your child’s amazing summer experience. Check them out below!

Baby and Breakfast: Activities These Are Not Your Typical Summer Workshops for Kids (But We’re Pretty Sure Your Kids Will Still Love Them)!


1. 2D Game Design or 3D Animation Character Design Workshop

Where: CIIT – College of Arts and Technology

Details: Open to kids ages 9-19, with a fee of ₱15,000 per head, for 8 three-hour sessions for a total of 24 hours

Kids these days are really lucky to have amazing exposure to learning opportunities that we could only get our hands on when we reached college back then! If your child adores video games, then what could be more awesome than creating your very own video game, right? The 2D Game Design Workshop would be perfect for your video game loving kid.

If your kid is more on the artsy side, delights in storytelling, and has a knack for creating different types of characters, then she might be interested in their 3D Animation Character Design Workshop. Either way, these two workshops give your kids a free pass to visit an actual animation or gaming studio to have a behind-the-scene experience of digital trends.


2. Capoeira Lessons

Where: Sempre Capoeira Mestre Fantasma

Details: Open to all kids starting at age 3

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates dance, acrobatics, and music! Martial arts, dance, and music together? I bet this is going to be a fun experience for your little one! Sempre Capoeira Mestre Fanstasma offers capoeira classes for the kiddos starting age 3. And the best thing about them? They have classes all year round! Check them out on Facebook for details on their available classes.


3. Parkour Classes

Where: Ninja Academy PH

Details: ₱3,600 for 6 sessions + ₱1,200 annual fee, comes with a free Ninja Kit (Level 1 only), accidental insurance coverage, and a Milo Sport Clinic Certificate

Aside from basketball, soccer, taekwondo, or hip hop, kids who like to move around would enjoy developing their gross motor skills and building confidence in facing obstacles, or at least obstacle courses through Parkour. Ever heard of American Ninja Warrior? Parkour is something close to that and I’m sure the kids will love the challenge and feel a different sense of fulfillment after every course.


4. All Women's Tri Camp

Where: AMIRA Athletics

Details: Open to women and girls ages 10 and up, with a fee of ₱4,000 per head

Who said girls can only do ballet for summer? We can do that and so much more! So why not open more possibilities for your little girls, maybe even three, through the sport triathlon. Triathlon is a sport that consists of swimming, biking, and running. It can help boost your child’s confidence, strength, and endurance, not to mention an amazing place to feel empowered too. What better way to do that than with two inspiring women and International Triathlon Union certified coaches, Ani de Leon-Brown and Doray Ellis? And since women and girls ages 10 and up can join, I’d say it’s a perfect mother-daughter bonding activity! Don’t worry, this one is definitely beginner friendly!


5. Archery Lessons

Where: The Archery Academy

Details: Open to kids 9 and up, with a fee of ₱8,500 which includes 8 two-hour sessions

I’ve always wanted to try this as a kid and it’s pretty amazing to know that it’s more accessible for this generation! The Archery Academy is offering archery lessons this summer. Archery improves focus, strength, balance, coordination, confidence, discipline, and competitive drive. Go to their website for a list of schedules and other inclusions.


6. S.U.P.E.R. Camp

Where: SuperCamp Philippines

Details: Open to kids 9-18 years old

I am going crazy over this camp! I swear, if I was a teen, I’d be begging my mom to sign me up! Just the words social skills, academic strategies, positive mindset, leadership, and life hacks are enough to make me think this is going to be the best summer camp ever. If you’ve got a 9-18 year old child who’s just as hungry for self-building adventures, then this just might be the perfect camp for him or her.


7. Writing Classes

Where: Young Writers’ Hangout

Details: Open to kids 7-15 years old

Writing does not have to be boring! Sometimes kids equate writing to school, and most of them don’t know that it can be so much fun to put your thoughts into words. And then of course, there are those that are born with a passion for putting words together and seeing the magic of their thoughts come alive through beautiful words that end up in stories. Whether you’ve got a child who fits in the former or latter description, then signing up for some writing classes may just be one of the best ways to spend this summer.


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