Feel the Heat with This Masterchef Themed Celebration for Ava!

Ava’s Masterchef birthday theme was smart, unique, and creative! I may be a little biased though since I really love Masterchef, so why not check this cooking competition themed celebration out for yourself? Feel the heat and fun as you scroll through the photos by Starfish Media!

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties A Fantastic Masterchef Themed Celebration for Ava

What we’re digging:

  • The overall cooking theme! Not only was it unique, but it was super interactive and competitive (in a fun way) too, since the kids got a cooking lesson from Bento by Kat’s bento workshop, put their kitchen skills to the test, and competed to cook the best dish!
  • The styling and setup! I love how Party Magic was able to make the party look like the real deal Masterchef kitchen, complete with all the fresh fruits, veggies, and many more ingredients!
  • I love how all the kids had chef jackets and hats on! They looked so adorable. And guess what? Even the birthday cake by Cakes by Lara Yap was dressed in full chef attire!

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Photographer: Starfish Media / Videographer: Lemon Three Films / Venue: Manila Polo Club / Event Styling: Party Magic / Cake: Cakes by Lara Yap / Host: Make Believe Productions / Cooking Competition Host: The Kitchen Playground / Event Planner: Events and Beyond / Bento Workshop: Bento by Kat

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