What to Expect During Each Week of Your Pregnancy

Yes! You’re pregnant! Once you’ve gotten past the initial shock and happiness that comes with seeing two stripes on your pregnancy test, the whirlwind begins. Doctor’s visits, tests, and of course, the big announcement to family and friends are to be expected. Before you even get to the cute parts such as buying the tiniest clothes, here are the weekly ground rules of expectations when it comes to your new reality, mommy!

Baby and Breakfast: Pregnancy What to Expect During Each Week of Your Pregnancy



Weeks 1-4:

Totally oblivious at this point, the new mommy goes about her business, most likely wondering if her period is just late. At this stage, your baby literally just got conceived and is still just a bit bigger than your irritating cheek mole. Once implanted, the placenta, embryo, and your baby’s specialized parts are just being formed. Hope you’re not doing heavy drinking!

Week 5:

From almost obscurity, your baby’s now about the size of an orange seed. His heart and circulatory system are developing. Now’s the time that your hormones are spiking, and it’s usually at this point that you decide to nervously buy a home pregnancy kit. And if you’re reading this, once again, congratulations!

Week 6:

Baby’s growing in size, and you are starting to realize you’ve never had to pee as much as this before. You may have also gone to visit your doctor at this point to get your first actual confirmation of the sign of life. Your doctor will have most likely performed an early ultrasound at this point, so this is the time when you first hear that exciting heartbeat. With every beat, your baby is telling you that he is, in fact, real. He is yours. You’re also going to get prescribed pre-natal vitamins, so pay attention and take care of your baby’s dosage of folic acid.

Week 7:

The bun in the oven is about the size of a blueberry at this point. You may be experiencing the beginnings of the infamous morning sickness, or perhaps it even came in earlier. Brace yourself and hope for the best. Some expecting mothers never have it, but if you do, just remember that you are not an exception to the rule, and somehow find comfort in the feeling that you are growing a human being and not just feeling acidic.

Week 8:

At this point, if your breasts have started becoming very tender, it’s normal. Just think, the milk factory is under construction! Start thinking about maybe parking the heavily wired push-up bras soon. Frustration is normal, but don’t worry, you’ll start feeling more connected to your baby soon.

Week 9:

Growing a baby is a tough job, so it comes with the feeling of being super tired, all the time. Expect mid-day naps or two within the day, and if you feel sluggish, it’s perfectly normal. If you don’t want to be entirely sedentary during your pregnancy, this may be the right time to ask your doctor about what sort of light exercises or stretches you can do. If yours is particularly delicate, kick your feet up and just relax.

Week 10:

Your prune-sized baby is busy building up his cartilage and bone structure, so cross your fingers that he gets his father’s strong jaw! At this point, you might be feeling a bit constipated, so combat that with more fiber in your diet.

Week 11:

Now the baby’s as big as a lime! Your baby’s structure is almost formed now and at this point, he is starting to look a bit more human as compared to just a cute blob.

Week 12:

You are now three months pregnant, and the wretched first trimester has come to a close. Or so we hope! If you spent that whole time vomiting, then this is just the point when you sort of see the suffering winding down. If you had it easier, you may notice that you’ve gained some weight, but of course, most of that is the added baggage in your uterus.

Week 13:

So, at some point, your husband will ask for a little cuddling at bedtime. You don’t know how you feel yet, and you might not be up for it either, so just weigh it out and have a conversation about it with the hubby.



Week 14:

Conventionally speaking, this is mostly considered the start of the second trimester. With a baby the size of a fist, you start feeling more like yourself and feel that it’s safe to start moving about again. The baby is growing hair all over too, and so you will most likely hear your mother and well-meaning friends bug you about rubbing anti-stretchmark creams now. Don’t scratch!

Week 15:

Since you are now sharing your calcium with your baby, amp up on the prescribed supplements. Some mothers report feeling a weird sensation in their dental area, and this might be an offshoot of calcium deficiency.

Week 16:

Your baby’s an avocado-sized fetus now. Speaking of avocado, you might have sudden cravings now and it would still be advisable to lean towards the healthier variety. Your appetite will slowly be building up, so do eat when you want to, but keep health in mind!

Week 17:

So at this point, your baby bump is already noticeable. You may have started buying looser clothing, especially since your baby is about the size of your palm. Some moms have complained that acquaintances feel all-too-comfy commenting about your weight gain, so yes, you may start feeling defensive and having your dragon mommy tendencies kicking in.

Week 18:

This is just a fact: People–yes, even strangers–will not be able to resist the urge to stroke your tummy. If this is okay with you, embrace it. If not, you are licensed to ward them off.

Week 19:

The baby’s about as big as a mango now. You may already start feeling the flutter kicks inside your belly, and this is when the connection starts to grow stronger between you and your little one.

Week 20:

Do you want to know your baby’s gender? Your doctor will most likely ask you to do another ultrasound, and you might even find out whether you’re bearing a girl or a boy this week!

Week 21:

Your baby has grown to be the size of a carrot. Now that you know the baby’s gender, you can start narrowing down choices for your baby’s name!

Week 22:

You might find yourself counting down the days and feeling like your baby’s arrival is still too far away. It’s okay to feel anxious, but don’t stress too much about your due date.

Week 23:

Diet may have a factor in this, but expect that your feet may start to swell already. Consider wearing comfy shoes, and if you want to be more on the safe side, park your killer heels for now.

Week 24:

You may start noticing a dark line running vertically down your belly, and this will be your first encounter with the linea nigra.

Week 25:

You may begin to notice your belly button popping out at some point, so don’t freak out! It’s totally normal.

Week 26:

Inside your uterus, your baby is starting to open his eyes. All this excitement underneath might make you feel the inverse, meaning you feel nothing but tired and sleepy at this point.

Week 27:

You’re starting to like the look of your new role now, and you will begin appreciating the roundness of your belly. Nowadays, it’s okay to show off the bump. Jersey fabrics are your best friend!



Week 28:

Uh-oh. This just got real! Congratulations, you are now on your third trimester! Your baby is the size of a cucumber, starting to kick harder, and hiccupping. This means a lot of gassiness for you, so get used to saying “Excuse me, I’m pregnant.”

Week 29:

Some women have felt frustrated because varicose veins decided to pop out at their third trimester. Your calves and feet will most likely be feeling very sore, so your husband may want to give you a nice foot rub. Just a suggestion.

Week 30:

Cabbage-sized baby will start to feel a bit heavy, and roundabout this time, you may start experiencing some heartburn. Consult your doctor on how she can help you feel more comfortable.

Week 31:

It all depends on you, but this might be a good time to get serious about preparing your baby stuff. Your friends will want to put together a baby shower for you, so just enjoy picking out stuff for the registry.

Week 32:

You can already have discussions with your doctor about your birth plan. At this point, you would already have a clearer idea about what you want for your birth experience.

Week 33:

For most expectant moms, third trimester insomnia is a real thing! You may start feeling sleepless at night, so you can use this time to read up more about parenting, if it helps.

Week 34:

Pregnant waddling is a real thing, so be careful when you move about. For those bearing boys, you would be glad to note that your boy’s testicles would have already descended at this point.

Week 35:

It will be as if you never do anything except get up to pee, and this is so ironic considering at this point, it’s already very hard to get up!

Week 36:

Now that you know the baby is due to arrive in just a few more days, you start wanting to nest. Just be careful when you give the room a thorough cleaning!

Week 37:

Some mothers start feeling Braxton-Hicks type of contractions, so if you do, be in close contact with your doctor. Your baby is already sucking his thumb, and beginning his flip-around moves toward his proper birth position.

Week 38:

Some women would have already given birth at this point. If you’re undergoing an elective caesarian operation, this would most likely be the stage to do so. If not, start taking walks to help your baby get a move on.

Weeks 39-42:

Your baby could arrive at any point within this period. For some, the baby will choose to overstay, but there are ways to go about that, depending on your doctor’s advice. But here you are, at the end point of your pregnancy! The best part is the actual reward: getting to hold your living and breathing beautiful blessing.


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