24 Unique Baby Names for Your Little Tots

We love all things babies here at Baby and Breakfast (why do you think we have the word Baby in our name!), and one thing we especially love doing here is discussing baby names. From classic and Christian names, to the more exotic and unusual ones, we love them all. Today, we want to show you our list of unique baby names you can give your soon-to-be-born little tots. Browse through these 24 names to see which one suits your fancy, or even just to see which ones you’ve never heard of before.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting 24 Unique Baby Names for Your Little Tots


Alia Pronunciation: AH-LEE-YUH Meaning: Supreme, Exalted Origin: Arabic

Castiel Pronunciation: CAS-TEE-ELLE Meaning: My cover is God Origin: Hebrew

Bijou Pronunciation: BEE-ZHOO Meaning: Jewel Origin: French

Coen Pronunciation: CO-WEN Meaning: Bold advisor Origin: Dutch

Calla Pronunciation: CAL-YA Meaning: Beautiful Origin: Greek

Damari Pronunciation: DUH-MAH-REE Meaning: Eternal, Strength Origin: Hebrew

Delmi Pronunciation: DELL-MUH Meaning: Noble, Protector Origin: German

Elian Pronunciation: EH-LEE-YUN Meaning: The Lord is my God Origin: Dutch

Edolie Pronunciation: EH-DOH-LEE Meaning: Good humor, Noble Origin: German

Eliseo Pronunciation: AH-LEE-SAY-YO Meaning: God is my salvation Origin: Spanish, Italian

Indigo Pronunciation: IN-DI-GO Meaning: Indian dye Origin: Greek

Finlo Pronunciation: FIN-LOW Meaning: Fair son of God Origin: Celtic

Lilou Pronunciation: LEE-LOO Meaning: Lily Origin: French

Frey Pronunciation: FRAY Meaning: Exalted one Origin: Scandinavian

Myla Pronunciation: MY-LUH Meaning: Soldier, Merciful Origin: French

Neo Pronunciation: NEE-YO Meaning: New Origin: Latin

Neave Pronunciation: NEEV Meaning: Radiant Origin: Irish

Pryor Pronunciation: PRY-YOUR Meaning: Head of the monastery, Prior Origin: Latin

Riva Pronunciation: REE-VUH Meaning: Maiden Origin: Hebrew

Stellan Pronunciation: STELL-LUN Meaning: Calm Origin: Swedish

Rowan Pronunciation: ROE-WAN Meaning: Little redhead Origin: Scottish, Irish

Torin Pronunciation: TOR-RIN Meaning: Chief Origin: Irish

Solara Pronunciation: SO-LAH-RUH Meaning: Sun Origin: Latin

Viggo Pronunciation: VEE-GO Meaning: War Origin: Scandinavian

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