Ysabelle’s Rainbow Colored Unicorn Birthday Bash

Today, I’ve got a rainbow colored set from Ivy Tuason Photography that will surely brighten up your day. Birthday girl Ysabelle had a unicorn themed bash, and the pretty details below are definitely ones you’ll want to take note of if you’re planning a similar themed party for your little girl. So go ahead and keep scrolling!

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties Ysabelle's Rainbow Colored Unicorn Birthday Bash

What we’re digging:

  • Having a lot of colors in a party can be tricky, because you don’t want it to overwhelm the space or be too garish. One thing you can do is stick to colors that are pastel or baby colored, muted, or have the same tint. That way the colors don’t clash. Look at how harmoniously they worked together in this party by checking out the decor and desserts.
  • How do you choose your giveaways and souvenirs? Well, you can stick to your theme for one, and also think about the practicality of it for another. Ysabelle gave pillows as her giveaways, and they definitely hit those two criteria.
  • A piñata can actually serve not just as an activity for your guests, but also a decoration piece. I’ll admit that it totally caught my eye! Come on, don’t you think it’s just oh-so-fab?

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Photographer: Ivy Tuason Photography / Venue: Marina Baytown East Clubhouse / Event Stylist and Food Carts: Party Curators / Caterer: Chef Bambie’s Cakes & Pastries / Cake and Dessert Baker: Simone’s Basket of Treats / Celebrant’s Gowns: Carl Arcusa / Host and Entertainment: Ernest Erney Arcilla / Bubble Show: Allan Dilinila / Souvenirs: RM Pillows Etc.

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