A Sweet Little Twin Stars Themed Party for Sam and Caleb

It’s not often that we come across double celebrations here at the Baby and Breakfast HQ, and when we do, we definitely give it a look see. Sam and Caleb’s double celebration had the most adorable theme, and you just have to see these photos from Silverframe Works to see what I mean.

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties, Boy Parties A Sweet Little Twin Stars Themed Party for Sam and Caleb

What we’re digging:

  • It can be quite tricky to think of a theme for a joint celebration, especially if it’s a brother and sister celebration, but I really like how they chose the popular Little Twin Stars characters as a starting point. So when thinking of your own theme for a joint celebration, think of something that both celebrants like and something that can be equally balanced in terms of color and style.
  • Speaking of color and style–consistency is key when it comes to your theme and how you plan to execute it. In this case, blue and pink and the Little Twin Stars were the main elements, and it definitely showed. Need proof? Check out all the stationery, desserts, and the giveaways!
  • If you’re thinking about what activities you can add to your program, consider having a time capsule for your kids. Not only is it a nice sentiment, but we’re sure your kids will find it touching to read sweet notes from family and friends.

Photographer and Videographer: Silverframe Works / Venue and Caterer: Artsy Cafe / Cake and Dessert Baker: Box of Sweets by Punky Porca / Invitations and Stationery: Leo Wendell Hue Cruz / Birthday Board: Maggie and Dee Designs / Stage Backdrop: Styroartwwork Events and Catering Services / Host: Gene Charles Magistrado / Favors: (Adults) Scents of Joy, (Kids) Plastercraze DIY

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