How to Throw an Awesome Party When You’re On a Budget

Majority of us parents are very conscious about our expenses, not wanting to go overboard on things that we can definitely save money on (hello sales, right?). And when it comes to parties, of course we want to throw one that our kids and guests will enjoy. But is it possible to throw a party that won’t be compromised because of the budget? We say yes! And lucky for you, we’re sharing some tips on just how to do that.

Baby and Breakfast: Party Planning How to Throw an Awesome Party When You're on a Budget


1. Decide on your non-negotiables from the start.

While every party has a budget, there will always be one, two, or maybe three aspects that you want to spend a little bit more on. Is it the food? The styling? The host? The venue? Whatever it is, you have to decide on this from the very start so you can work on your remaining budget for your other suppliers.


2. Plan ahead and start scouting for suppliers.

This is quite obvious, right? Think about the details of the party–do you have a theme in mind? Do have a preferred venue? How many guests do you intend to invite? Will you be having a program? What about a host? Once you’ve made some decisions, start sending inquiries to suppliers. If you have plenty of time, you can compare costs and even negotiate with them on discounts or freebies!


3. Timing is everything.

Plan your event after lunch and before dinner (ideally at around 2 pm to 5 pm) as this is the time guests do not expect a full meal. You can serve easy finger food, and this can help in terms of saving on the catering or food expenses.


4. Consider venues and suppliers that offer all-in party packages.

Sometimes, you can find vendors that provide all-in party packages. There are playgrounds or restaurants that offer venue rental for three hours, party hats, a balloon set-up, a birthday cake, game prizes, and a mascot appearance. In addition, there are event planners that offer styling, coordination, a dessert table, cake, and souvenirs in their party packages as well.


5. Double up!

Instead of throwing a party for your child’s baptism or dedication and another one for his or her birthday, why not combine these two instead? Or does your little one’s birthday fall close to his or her sibling’s? You can have a joint party that will not just be double the fun, but can help with the costs too. Just make sure each of them gets a cake!


6. Tap your network.

Do you have friends who can design invites for a minimal charge? Or if you’re lucky, she might do it for free! All you need to worry about is the printing. How about a relative who is going abroad for vacation? Maybe you can ask them to buy you some decor or gifts from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon? If you’ve got friends and relatives who are more than willing to lend a hand, then don’t even think twice about asking them!


7. Offer sponsorships from guests.

Most guests, especially the ninongs and ninangs ask the parents what their inaanak wants for his or her birthday. Why not take advantage of this? You could ask if they would like to shoulder a cotton candy cart or a face painting booth. Whatever it is, just make sure it is reasonably priced.


8. Assess and maximize.

When shopping for party supplies, you can look for items that have a dual purpose. Take for example, the souvenirs. Those cute and delicious cupcakes displayed on the dessert table can also serve as your giveaways. How about the coin bank, bag, or stool that the kids painted in the activity stations? They can double up as souvenirs, too!


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