Dear Mom, Please Read This…

Dear Mom, Please read this

To be a mom is to surrender. Your time, your sleep, and your energy.

As the years pass, you’ll have to surrender your fears, anxieties, and worries, while learning to trust in your children. As even more years pass, you’ll have to surrender control and eventually let your now grown up child go out and face the world.

To be a mom is to gain. An endless supply of snuggles, kisses, and hugs.

Where else would you get never-ending snuggles on the couch, bedtime kisses, and welcome hugs? These precious gifts are not only given freely, but given out of love and joy.

To be a mom is to surrender. Your whole self, body and soul, as you give, give, and give some more.

When problems arise, you’re there to fix them, when your child cries, you’re there to wipe the tears away. When your child needs encouragement, you’re there with your arms wide open.

To be a mom is to gain. Lessons in patience, humility, kindness, and selflessness.

Everyday a lesson is learned. You learn how to be more patient, you learn how to be more kind, you learn how to think of your kids first, and you learn how to be humble among other things. Even as a parent, the lessons never stop.

To be a mom is to surrender. Your way of life, and your constant desire for perfection.

Motherhood doesn’t require you to be perfect. Your kids aren’t looking for an organized home, five-star meals, or Pinterest worthy outfits. They just want you–imperfections and all. If you mess up, forget something, or start scolding yourself because something isn’t perfect, it’s okay mom. Those nitty gritty details are not what make you, nor do they determine your worth as a mother.

To be a mom is to gain. A sense of purpose in life and in everything that you do.

It’s funny how a small human being can change your perspective on life. Now every time you do or say something, you think of them first. Most everything you do, you do because you’re thinking of them. You work, you sacrifice, you love, you learn because of this purpose, because of your kids.

To be a mom is to surrender. Your pride, but most importantly, your heart.

So give yourself a break, laugh at your mistakes, give your kids a hug, and be you, momma. Surrender your pride, surrender your heart, and you’ll see just how beautiful and worthwhile it will be.

To be a mom is to gain. The unconditional and undying love of your whole family.

Even through the many hardships and obstacles, it will always be worthwhile because of love. The moments when you look at your family, and your heart just aches and overflows with emotion–that moment, and every other moment are worth everything. You momma, are an amazing super woman, who is surrounded with love.

Happy Mother's Day


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