9 Ways You Can Actually Save Money on Baby Items

Having a baby is definitely a bundle of joy! Everyone, especially us parents, are ecstatic while waiting for the arrival of our little one. But let’s face it, having a baby can be costly, too. Starting from check-ups and hospital expenses up to the baby’s clothes, toiletries, gear, and vaccines–these can easily burn a hole in our pockets if we don’t prepare early on. Let us share with you some tips on how to cut down the cost.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting 9 Ways You Can Actually Save Money on Baby Items


1. Prepare a wish list for the baby shower or gender reveal party.

This can be very helpful for parents especially if you are eying particular items. You can include them in your gift registry, and hopefully your guests will get you what you want and need. For more expensive items, you can suggest to your relatives, group of friends, or colleagues that they can just select a specific baby item and share the cost among themselves.


2. Consider using hand me downs.

Babies grow quickly which means they need new sizes quickly, too! If you have a relative or friend, why not consider their hand me downs? Whether these are their child’s clothes, shoes, or hair accessories, there’s really no harm in using second hand items as long as the quality is still good and you get them from a trusted source.


3. Buy convertible items.

You might want to consider convertible items rather than getting two separate ones. Depending on your family’s needs and lifestyle, this might just work and save you some money. Why not check out the travel cot that can serve as your child’s crib and high chair with built-in boosters? Or the car seat and stroller crib in one? There’s also this crib that can be converted to a toddler bed as your child grows!


4. Think about breastfeeding.

We understand that every mom has a different breastfeeding journey, but all mothers who breastfeed their kids would have to agree that they did save a lot as compared to buying formula milk. There is no cost to breastfeed. While there may be a need to buy the accessories like milk bottles, milk storage bags, pumps, and nursing pads, these costs are considerably less than weekly or monthly formula purchases for a year or longer.


5. Try using cloth diapers.

Just like breastfeeding, using cloth diapers is another major parenting choice. It may depend on one’s budget, lifestyle, and most especially the kid’s comfort. While cloth diapers may appear as a greater initial investment, they are way cheaper than disposables in the long run. Your child is less prone to rashes too, especially if you are using the cotton ones. Plus, you are also helping the environment!


6. Make your own baby food.

Consider preparing your baby’s food rather than buying commercially processed ones. Apart from saving, you know what type and where the ingredients came from. You’ll be sure to know that what your child is eating is healthy and safe.


7. Consider useful alternatives.

There are a lot of choices in the market for every category. Like for walkers, there might be a lot of colorful ones to choose from but why not think about getting an andador instead? It may not have special features like the classic walkers but they serve their purpose just the same. How about those nursing covers? Do check the multi-purpose covers in the market today. They serve as nursing covers, grocery cart seat covers, high chair covers, an infinity scarf!


8. Don’t buy a lot of every item all at once.

While parents might get trigger happy and buy a lot when they see the product that they like, especially when it’s on sale, I’d say pause and think thrice before doing so. There are baby items that have to be tested first to see if your child will get accustomed to them–such as milk bottles–or if your kid might get rashes or allergic reactions when using them, like baby powder or wipes. It’s always best to buy just enough for these types of items.


9. Attend mommy fairs or watch out for sales.

Look out for mommy or parenting fairs, and check out the vendors that are joining. You might just find the brand that you like at a more affordable price. Don’t forget to check out Lazada, Shopee, or your favorite mall for any sale schedule, too!


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