8 Unique Food Carts You Can Get to Level Up Your Kid’s Party

Here at Baby and Breakfast, we always want the best for you and your party. And if you haven’t noticed, food carts have become all the rage now in parties. We’ve already rounded up food carts that kids will surely love and food carts every guest will enjoy regardless of their age. But we want to give you more. (You can never have enough good food, right?) So here are eight more food carts that you can get to level up your party! Warning: This list contains mouthwatering delicious treats, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Read at your own risk.

Baby and Breakfast: Party Planning 8 Unique Food Carts You Can Get to Level Up Your Kid’s Party


Crave It

I bet everyone will queue up to try these frozen cheesecakes on a stick from Crave It! Your can choose from a variety of flavors, or if you fancy fried cheesecake, you can get some topped with blueberries and white chocolate syrup too. These will definitely leave your cravings satisfied! (Pun intended!)


Crafts and Party Bucket

Eating should be fun, especially for kids. So when Crafts and Party Bucket launched their S’mores Bar it became a hit with both kids and adults alike! This bar is perfect for a camping-themed party or even if you just really want to roast marshmallows–because why not, right?



Everyone loves cheese! Excite your guests with these mozzarella sticks from ChizMozza. They also have a variety of cheese snacks like mozzarella bites, popsicle cheese, and ham and mozza pops! Need I say more?


Emack and Bolio's

What’s the best way to savor your ice cream? Top it with cereal! Aside from your favorite Froot Loops, you can also enjoy Emack and Bolio’s other toppings like Rice Krispies, peanuts, crushed Oreos, and banana chips! This is great to have an a hot summer day or a summer themed pool party!


Donut Walls Manila

Serve your food the creative way with these donuts walls from Donut Walls Manila. Aside from serving your guests some sweet treats, this can also serve as décor for your event! A dual purpose food activity? Yes, please!


Mad Carts Events Services

Kids will surely love these cute multicolored mini burgers from Mad Carts Events Services. These will not only fill up their empty, hungry tummies but it will excite the kids as well.


The Cheese Cart

Get yourself another round of cheese with these grilled cheese sandwiches from The Cheese Cart. You can choose between their Italian pesto, mushroom melt, three cheese, or strawberry brie flavored grilled cheese sandwiches. Or you know what? Why not have them all?


The Candy Basket PH

This is for the kids and kids at heart to satisfy their sweet cravings! These candies from The Candy Basket PH will surely sweeten up your party. This is one way to spread the love and a lot of sweetness! Plus, it’s a great decorative piece too!


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