7 Delicious Potluck Ideas For Your Next Party

We Filipinos love gatherings. Whether it’s a simple get together, a mini celebration, or a holiday feast, we love to see new faces and catch up with old ones, too. Potluck dinners or even lunches and meriendas are the norm these days, and if you’re stressing over what to bring, don’t you worry! We’ve got you! Here are some potluck ideas that you can just grab and go, or you can even have them delivered straight to your party venue too.

7 Delicious Potluck Ideas for Your Next Party


1. Sushi Nori’s sushi platter

Photo via Sushi Nori

Good for six to eight people, Sushi Nori offers a variety of sushi platters. Their Classic Party Tray has 44 pieces with different types of sushi, like California Maki, sashimi, kani, and tamago, while their Best of the Best Party Tray has 52 pieces of their signature rolls, like the Sushi Dream Roll and the Firecracker Roll. What’s convenient is that your orders can be picked up at the store or delivered via GrabFood or Food Panda.


2. Conti’s baked salmon

Photo via Conti’s

This Norwegian pink salmon baked with Conti’s very own topping is a classic and a sure hit at parties! They have two sizes to choose from, including the small platter (which serves six to eight people) and the large platter (which serves 12-15 people).


3. Amici’s pasta dishes

Photo via Amici

Amici has pasta party trays that can serve four to eight people. You can choose from their customer favorites, which include Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Linguine al Prosciutto e Tartufo, and Seafood Diablo. Adding a Pan-Grilled Pork Belly with Rice Pilaf or a classic Pollo Arrostito to your order could make for a more satisfying meal.


4. S&R’s pizza and chicken

Photo via S&R

Who doesn’t like chicken and pizza, especially if you have lots of kids around? You will never go wrong with this party favorite, made with a special bread mixture that perfectly blends with their uniquely marinated chicken. It even comes with three to five tubs of gravy! S&R’s pizza options are great too, coming in delicious made-to-order flavors like Smokey Texas Chicken, New York Pizza Deli, Bacon & Herb, Creamy Pepperoni, Cheesy Burger Deluxe, and Tropical Hawaiian!


5. Alba’s paella

Photo via Alba

When we think of paella, Alba instantly comes to mind. Luckily, they offer their paella specialty dishes on party trays that are good for four to six people. You will never go wrong with their classics, like the Paella Valenciana and the Paella Negra. It’s definitely a bit different from your normal spaghetti and chicken dinners, so if you want something unique and delicious, you might want to check them out.


6. Beard Papa’s cream puffs

Photo via Beard Papa’s

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Beard Papa’s has branches in Greenhills, Promenade, and Glorietta 2. With high quality, creamy, and delicious cream puffs, this will be a sure hit for the sweet-toothed guests at any party!


7. Nathaniel’s buko pandan

Photo via Nathaniel’s

Nathaniel’s is the home of Pampanga’s famous buko pandan salad. It’s been in the business for 23 years, so you can be sure of quality dishes with a homemade flair. Any guest would love to have some of this famous, creamy buko pandan salad.

P.S. – It’s best eaten when chilled!

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