5 Stores to Visit When You’re Expecting (Part 2)

With a lot of stores in the market today, any pregnant mom might be overwhelmed with deciding what to buy for their baby and where to buy everything they need. From diapers and toys to baby gear and vitamins, there are numerous items and products you need to have when you’re expecting. But don’t worry, we’ve made it easier for you by providing a list of stores you can check out to help make this stage of motherhood simpler and more comfortable for you.

P.S. – You can check out Part 1 list for even more options!

5 Stores to Visit When You're Expecting (Part 2)

The Parenting Emporium

I discovered The Parenting Emporium when I was expecting, and was lucky enough to meet the mommies behind the store. They hold different brands that can cater to your needs, from the time you are expecting all the way to when you’re raising a toddler! Their store is a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need, like diapers, toys, baby gear, strollers, vitamins or supplements, and even healthy snacks. Another good thing about this store is that they offer several workshops and talks that can definitely help parents and parents-to-be. They also have pop-up stores around the metro where you can get your orders in case you can’t drop by their shop in Quezon City.



As stated on their Facebook page, Mome aims to provide high quality, comfortable, and useful maternity and nursing wear to all moms at affordable prices. Moms, never underestimate the power of good maternity and nursing wear: With the right clothing, you will definitely be more comfortable while feeding and even when simply going about your day.



Mustela is a skincare expert for babies and mothers-to-be. They offer a wide range of products designed for expectant moms, with oils and creams suited for stretch marks, comfort, firming, and any other skin problem a pregnant mom might have. The store also holds cleansing, bath, and skincare products for babies of different skin types, whether they are normal, dry, very sensitive, or atopic prone. Products for specific needs, like cradle caps, diaper changes, and sun care among others, are also available at Mustela for expectant moms. You can find their kiosks in malls nearest you.


Urban Essentials

Urban Essentials is the exclusive distributor of Blanqi Maternity Support Wear that helps pregnant moms carry their little ones while still feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time. Their products can help relieve aches and pains with high-tech and flexible built-in support and their lightweight seamless design. You can choose from their support leggings, tank tops, belly bands, or girl shorts. They also have other essentials for pregnancy, post-pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.


Mommy Mundo

Mommy Mundo‘s mission is to provide information, support, and a community for all moms and parents. They provide several avenues for learning through their website, talks, workshops, and events, as well as through their social media accounts. They also hold quarterly expos called Expo Mom in different areas where they house an assortment of brands that are helpful for each stage of pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. Check out their Journey Box, too!

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