We Are Loving Millennial Dads! Here’s Why!

There are a ton of memes, social media posts, product commercials, and even movies that bank on the premise of dads behaving poorly. So much so that it’s become almost too easy to mock them or see them as the lesser parent. In my personal life though, nothing can be further from the truth. I’ve witnessed how absolutely hands-on my husband and my brothers who are now dads are with their kids, the household chores, and how they go above and beyond for their families.

In spite of the added pressure to provide financially or the lack of emotional support, dads do more at home than what they’re given credit for. They don’t just babysit when mommy isn’t around, they co-parent. They don’t just help out, they are partners in running the household. Millennial dads in particular are parenting differently from generations before them and it’s setting up more and more kids for a great start in life. This post is to let young dads know that we see their hard work and we’re here to celebrate them today! Here are some things millennial dads do that their families love!

We Are Loving Millennial Dads! Here's Why!

Dad loves mom well

This is on top of the list because the relationship between moms and dads becomes the foundation of the family. It also acts as a model for what real love is for our kids: For their sons, dads demonstrate how they should treat women and for their daughters, dads set the bar for how they should expect to be treated by men. More importantly, putting family first is now a shared priority between moms and dads and dads make sure to really show their appreciation instead of just implying it. Dads like Chito Miranda or Ryan Agoncillo for example write love letters through social media and these go viral for all the right reasons.

Dad stepped up

Change is hard and the life changes that come with parenting prove just that! And yet, instead of defining themselves by their careers like men did in the past, fathers today embrace the changes that fatherhood brings while treating this new chapter as central to their identity. We are so grateful for dads today who fully embrace their new roles as decision makers, protectors, providers, and mentors–and we’re even more grateful that they play Mobile Legends only when the baby has fallen asleep!

Dad makes time for play time

Moms can mean business and dads usually mean more fun. This is one of those stereotypes that are oftentimes true. But it can be a great thing! In the park, we see dads teaching their kids how to ride their bikes or throwing their laughing babies up in the air. They roll in the grass and aren’t afraid to get messy together. At home, my husband, who is a painfully shy introvert, would wear a princess gown in a heartbeat when our three year old daughter asks him to. He even twirls and my brothers also dance with her, paint her nails, and have tea parties with her too! A child’s love language is play so when dads spend time playing the games their kids love, they definitely leave a lasting impression.

Dad spends more time with the family

Several studies have found that fathers are spending more time with their kids and are more affectionate to them as well, which sociologists have attributed to a changing definition of the roles dads play at home. This can be seen in something as simple as millennial dads taking paternity leaves to be with their wives and kids, which previous generations either didn’t get the chance to do or weren’t as keen on. Dads today watch their kids’ games if they play sports or cheer them on at school performances. In short, they show up. As cliché as it sounds, no toy and no amount of money can replace a dad’s presence and love.

Dad promotes tolerance and acceptance

Dads today don’t subscribe to traditional gender roles and are exposed to less traditional family structures. This means that they are also more likely to teach their kids about diversity and respect for people’s choices. Millennials are known for being confident, connected, and open to change and that bleeds into our parenting. Today’s dads are raising kids who are generally more sensitive to other people’s needs and are more involved in the community, as well.

Dad uses the resources available to him

The Internet is the single biggest difference between us and those of previous generations. Google and social media are dad’s new friends and he uses them well for help with his own parenting. I’ve even seen several dad groups on Facebook! Today’s fathers aim to be much more knowledgeable on their children’s health, the things they need, and their interests. They even use apps to track their baby’s growth or to purchase discounted diapers online. Making the effort to stay involved in simple ways like these gives young dads a better understanding of how to raise their kids in the best way that they can. For that, we salute you!

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