Here’s What’s in Store for Our Kids If We Don’t Help Them Fight Climate Change

There’s no denying that the planet is warming and we’re going through a climate crisis. Young people all over the world are speaking out and calling on world leaders to take action to fight climate change. These young people are fully aware of the negative effects climate change can have on the earth and are actively doing their part to make a difference. But this responsibility shouldn’t just rest on their shoulders!

As adults and parents, we should be doing whatever we can to make the world a better place for all kids to grow up in. And that can all start with getting educated about what climate change is really doing to the world and to our childrens’ lives. Read on to find out about the future kids will be facing if we don’t act now.

Here's What's In Store for Our Kids If We Don't Help Them Fight Climate Change

Extreme weather events

Because of climate change, temperatures are rising and more extreme weather events are becoming dangerously frequent. So keeping up any wasteful habits will only mean terrible recurring heatwaves, droughts, and wildfires. And with sea levels still on the rise because of the earth heating up, you can add more storms, hurricanes, and floods to that scary list! All this just spells more destruction to countless homes, lives, and livelihoods.


Unhealthy air and the spread of diseases

If the burning of fossil fuels (which drives climate change) continues, our health will be in danger too. As more and more harmful pollutants are released into the air and trapped in the atmosphere, people (especially pregnant women and young kids!) become more vulnerable to both respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The warmer climate also makes more breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases which you and your children can easily be exposed to. On top of this, the environmental disasters that are caused by climate change can also have negative effects on mental health, the quality of food and water, and even the medicines and healthcare that we need to fight illnesses.


Loss of crucial habitats

With temperatures on the rise, wildlife habitats are at risk and not all species can respond well to these changes, nor do they all have the ability to move to a new space. And it doesn’t help that all over the world, several plants, animals, and their homes are still being exploited!

Because of this, species are dying out and going extinct. This could seriously endanger the ecosystem and even lead to our own extinction, as these changes directly harm our health, livelihood, and our supply of resources like food, water, and energy.


Forced migration

As living conditions worsen and resources become limited, your kids will have to move around to find a safe place to live. In the past years, climate change has been a significant factor in the migration of countless people and even animals. But more people flocking to specific areas could mean less resources to go around, higher tensions in communities and politics, and more conflict as well–putting your child’s health and security at risk.


Social unrest and instability

With everyone moving around and competing for the same resources and opportunities, there won’t be any room for real progress and development. This is especially true because only those with the most resources will be able to move away to look for better living conditions, leaving those who have it worse off to suffer even more. At the same time, all this unrest and dissatisfaction can only mean more threats to your child’s peace and safety.

While all this sounds scary, this doesn’t have to be the world your kids grow up in. There is still a lot you can do to be more eco-friendly and socially conscious! So, take this article as your wake-up call!

Now’s the time to learn as much as you can about what you can do to help your kids fight for a cleaner world. Why not use your voices to reach out to local leaders as well? Call on them to start getting the right systems in place and find little ways to be greener in your own homes too. Mother Earth needs our help now! So let’s get moving!

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