Every Parent Needs These Apps!

I don’t need to tell you that being a parent is a tough job. With all sorts of important things to do like feeding your family, monitoring your baby’s every move, scheduling appointments and activities, and managing household chores and tasks, the list of things to do is endless! Every parent sure has a lot on their plate every single day. So it’s a good thing there are several apps out there designed to make every parent’s life easier! Earlier this year, we gave you a general list of useful apps for moms. Today, we’ve got a new list of free apps made perfect for your parenting needs! Check it out below!

Every Parent Needs These Apps!

Glow Baby

Whether you’re looking for a diaper log, a nursing timer, or a breastfeeding tracker, you can get everything you need for your newborn or toddler using this app. Track your baby’s sleep and feeding schedules, log milestones, and access helpful charts whenever you log in to really understand your baby’s development and growth. The app will even use the information that you’ve recorded to give you personalized tips and tricks for you and your baby to make sure you can stay on track with everything.


Baby Sleep

Babies love white noise. It calms them because it actually resembles the kind of sounds they heard while they were snug and warm in your womb for nine months. And this white noise app is perfect for lulling your babies to sleep because of its great selection of soothing white noise tracks and lullabies. It’s got the sounds of different things like rain falling, ocean waves, cars, heart beats, a shower–anything your baby might find calming!

Playing these relaxing sounds will definitely be helpful for getting your kids to cry less, to be less fussy and stressed, and to sleep better. It also has a simple timer that will help you save up your phone battery while your baby is falling asleep. Another nice thing about this app is that it doesn’t require internet connection to be up and running. So you can use it anywhere and anytime you need it!



Kinedu is a great app for fun and age-based developmental activities that you can carry out with your toddlers! Upon sign-up, you’ll be given the option to answer a questionnaire to make note of your baby’s accomplishments and milestones to create his or her profile. The child development experts who made the app recognize that every child develops at his or her own pace, which is why the activity sets in the app can be personalized and can change or become more challenging as you update your baby’s growth.

Aside from these personalized activity plans, Kinedu comes complete with a log of your baby’s milestone information, as well as other health-related activities, articles, and parenting tips to help you stay on top of your baby’s development.



RoosterMoney is a mobile pocket money and chore manager designed to help families teach their kids more about getting important tasks done, handling money, and making saving goals. Parents can sign up to their mobile piggy banks to record pocket money comings and goings and to create a list of household chores to give their kids incentives to get these tasks finished.

They can also create a log-in for their kids so they can track their own allowances, check their savings, create savings goals, and stay on top of their chores at home as well. So this app is great for keeping your household tasks in order, while also getting your kids started on proper money management!


Waltermart/ Metromart

These grocery store apps are lifesavers for us busy parents. Whether you don’t have the time to go out to shop or you just don’t have an extra hand to help you with all the groceries, all you need is to create an account on any one of these grocery store apps, shop for the items you need, and choose your preferred time of delivery. You’ll have all the groceries you need delivered right to your doorstep! How convenient, right?



This app is a must-have organizer for all families! It keeps your events and activities in one place, while also allowing you to arrange and share your grocery lists in real time, manage to-do lists, store recipes and meals, and so much more! The app’s Family Calendar even acts as a shared calendar, which will help your whole family stay up-to-date on what everyone is doing and where everyone needs to be at specific times. This feature will definitely make scheduling a breeze!

You can also set reminders or send messages so no one misses an appointment. And using the To Do List feature, you can simplify your lists by keeping them in one place for the whole family to access and update. Another great thing about Cozi is that it can be used on both your computer and your cellphone!


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