Here Are 6 Adorable Costume Ideas Perfect for the Whole Family!

Are you planning to have a family photo shoot soon? Or maybe some costume parties are on your calendar during these “Ber” months? If you’re looking for some cool and creative ideas for your family costume, then we’ve got you covered! We know how much fun it is to bond with the kids by dressing up, so here are some group costume ideas your family will love!

Here Are 6 Adorable Costume Ideas Perfect for the Whole Family!

Family Circus Act
Photos by: Delightful Little Darlings / Party: Chad’s Circus Themed Celebration Is Just What You Need To See Today

Have you seen the movie The Greatest Showman? This movie musical has been a popular party theme since last year and it’s obvious why! The colorful costumes and unique characters are so much fun to see. So why not dress up the little ones as P.T. Barnum and the acrobat Anne Wheeler? You could also add in some of the other characters like the bearded lady in her violet dress!


Royal Family
Photos by: Camille Gonzales Photography and Cradles / Parties: A Lovely Princess Tea Party for Zooey and Zia and A Grand Royal Celebration for Kathan

No one will ever get tired of dressing up their little girls as Disney Princesses! Make it a fun princess party by dressing them up as a group different characters, whether that’s Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, or Aurora! But you don’t need to only turn to Disney to make you feel like royalty. Mom and Dad can dress up as any king and queen, while the kids can take on the roles of princes and princesses. Matching capes will do the trick here! And don’t forget to wear crowns to complete the looks.


Pajama Party
Photos by: Artystafoto Kids and Cocoon Studio / Parties: You Will Love Sofia’s Dreamy and Colorful Slumber Party and Billie’s Grand Slumber Party is So Posh and Plush!

Try looking for matching PJ sets for the entire family or even rummage through your own closet for pairs that can complement each other. How about onesies, too? Go on and try dressing up in PJ’s for a cool and cozy family costume!


Kitchen Brigade
Photo by: Starfish Media / Party: Feel The Heat With This Masterchef Themed Celebration for Ava

Siblings or a big group of cousins might enjoy this costume idea. What you’ll need are some chef’s hats, chef’s jackets, and aprons. This is also perfect for families who love cooking together as a hobby! And if you’re a family who simply enjoys good food, then you might want to try this out too.


Rodeo Family
Photos by: Artystafoto Kids and Little Coeo / Parties: A Fun Farm Birthday Bash for Selena and Cowboy Luca’s Amazing Wild West Themed Celebration

This is another adorable idea! Dress up in cowboy hats, matching checkered shirts, denim jeans, and some boots and you’re all set!


Wizarding Family
Photo by: Little People Lifestyle Photography / Party: Miguel’s Magical Harry Potter Themed Fete

Who wouldn’t want to pass on the love for Harry Potter to their kids? Wearing Hogwarts cloaks or even scarves in your Hogwarts house colors is a great way to look back on the well-loved movies! You could even DIY wands using chopsticks or old pencils.


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