A Big Party vs. A Small Get-Together: Which One Is For You?

Kids get really excited when their birthdays are coming up and who wouldn’t! It’s a time for celebration! But, it’s also where the age-old children’s party debate comes in: Will you have a big party with all your child’s relatives, friends, and classmates invited? Or will you go for a small gathering with only your closest loved ones? And although no one way is truly better than the other, this decision can be a tough one.

So to help you out, we made a list of the pros and cons of having a big party or a small get-together! Still, it’s important to remember that, no matter what type of event you decide on, what matters that you and your kid are happy together, especially on that special day. After all, the memories that come with the celebration are definitely more essential! Find out which type of party suits you below!

A Big Party vs. A Small Get-Together: Which One Is For You?

Big Party


Nobody is left out

With a grand party, you can invite more guests to join in on the celebration, like all of your child’s schoolmates, relatives (as far down the line as you can manage!), and even your colleagues, yoga friends, or mommy group. The more the merrier, they say!


Party professionals can help you

If you have a long guest list, you are most likely to seek help from the party professionals. From stylists to party planners, these professionals can help you make your dream party come to life! With their expert help, they can pitch in ideas on how to execute your theme, what souvenirs, host, or program to opt for, and any other details you’ll want for your celebration. They can also direct you to the right suppliers for your event or even take the wheel and handle all the party plans for you.


There'll be more gifts!

More guests means more gifts! Just looking at a pile of gifts just for them can make any child (and parent) giddy with excitement to open each one! And while parents should do their part in letting their child know that gifts are surely not the most important part of celebrating a birthday, receiving gifts (and even giving them) is always a fun treat.



A big party is more expensive

A caterer, host, photographer, and event stylist are just some of the people you are most likely to hire to pull off that grand party for your kid’s birthday. And all of them entail cost. From simple/basic packages to high-end suppliers, each one has a price to pay to help you with this big event. So always be sure to think over your budget before reaching for your wallet!


Preparation can be stressful

With a lot of details to think about, planning a grand party may cause some stress on any parent who plans to go all out for their kid’s birthday. Was the invite sent to everyone? Will the food be sufficient? What will keep the kids busy? Do you have the right amount of souvenirs? Will there be a seating arrangement? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself when planning a grand party– all this on top of your regular household chores, office work, and busy lives as parents!


Small Get-Together


You'll have an intimate event

You can opt to invite family members and very close friends only for an intimate birthday celebration. This gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your beloved relatives or friends, and maybe even those you haven’t spoken to in a long time! Intimate celebrations allow you to give more personal attention to each and every guest which isn’t typically possible in big crowds.


A small party means spending less

A smaller headcount would typically mean that you’ll be spending less on food, game prizes, and other party must-haves. And for some, having only a handful of guests means no more pressure to hire hosts or any other sort of entertainment for the program. While having a smaller party doesn’t necessarily mean no styling and no planning, it’ll definitely save you some cash for the future or for other important things.


Preparation will be a breeze

With a limited number in your guest list, party logistics are easier to prepare. You can opt to celebrate in the comfort of your own home and home cooked meals can be prepared instead of calling up a caterer. And with only a few kids coming, you can simply plan your own fun program with different activities, let them play in your kid’s playroom, or let them run around the backyard. Simpler, more intimate plans like these can easily make for a fun and memorable day!



Some people will be left out

For some people, not being invited to your family’s celebration might upset them because there are those friends or relatives that expect a certain level of closeness and assume they’ll be included in important family occasions like this one.

Still, whether you have an intimate or a grand celebration for your child’s birthday, organizing either type of event definitely has its own ups and downs. And of course, it all comes down to choosing which event type suits your lifestyle, preference, and budget. Be sure to talk details with your spouse before deciding on the final thing and maybe even talk it over with your child too (if they’re old enough) so he or she understands your decision.

And no matter how you choose to celebrate another year in your kid’s life, you and your child will definitely have an enjoyable day to look back on because what’s most important is being surrounded by your loved ones and creating happy memories together!

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