What Should the Theme of Your Kid’s Birthday Party Be? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

Birthdays are always exciting and planning a party to celebrate can be a ton of fun too! But, picking the perfect party theme for the special day can be a little tough. That’s why we came up with this fun quiz to help you out with your kid’s next birthday! Choose your favorite party details and we’ll let you know which theme you should go with. Take the quiz below and don’t forget to let us know your results in the comments!

What Should the Theme of Your Kid's Birthday Party Be? Take this Quiz to Find Out!


Choose a fun party invitation!

Which outfit is just as adorable as your little tot?

Look up! Which ceiling decorations are the best ones to go for?

Which centerpiece is the cutest?

Time for dessert! Which treats are making your mouth water?

Choose the perfect birthday cake for your little one!

Which party details stand out to you?

What Should the Theme of Your Kid's Birthday Party Be?
Nature Theme

Whether it’s high up in the mountains, deep under the ocean, or down and dirty on the ground, your family loves being outdoors. And that definitely includes being around nature’s cutest creatures! That’s why a nature themed party is perfect for your kid’s birthday! To bring this theme to life, decide which part of nature you’d like to highlight for the special day and get creative! You could go for a dainty mermaid party under-the-sea, a rustic and minimalist rainforest motif, or a vibrant and colorful party filled with your little one’s favorite animal! How fun!
Fiesta or Carnival

A lively celebration with the brightest colors is a must for you and your family. You all love to turn the music up, while chowing down with your favorite people, making a fun fiesta or a colorful carnival theme the way to go! To get this party started, vibrant styling is key. But be careful not to overdo it! Even pastel colors paired with brighter shades could work well too. You could try going back to your roots with a Filipino styled fiesta or even bring out the Greatest Showman with a good ol’ carnival. Either way, you’ll have a party full of fun, music, and the best food!
Book, TV, or Film Theme

As fans of great storytelling, your family loves to kick it with a good book or to get cozy with any of your Netflix favorites. Finding out what the characters you love are up to is always a ton of fun! So why not bring those characters to life? Check out the stories your kid likes best and get inspired! You can pick out your color palette based on the colors that stand out in the book or show and fill the venue with staple items from the story. And your family could even dress up as the main characters too! This will be a fun way to share the stories you love most with the people you love most!
Travel or Cultural Theme

Travelling to new places, taking in all the sights, and learning as much as you can about different cultures are things your family loves most! To get started on your trip around the world, choose your kid’s dream destination. Really get to know the culture (stay away from stereotypes!) and celebrate it as you celebrate your little one! And if transpo is your favorite part of travelling, why not turn to planes, trains, or sailboats for some party inspiration? Whisk your guests away on a cool adventure with your kid’s travel party!

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