Quino’s Birthday Party Will Bring You into the World of Wes Anderson Movies!

If you love anything Wes Anderson, then you’ll definitely enjoy seeing Quino’s birthday party today! This adorable celebrant even dressed up as the lobby boy Zero from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and we can’t get enough of how cute he looks! Quino’s parents sure pulled out all the stops to apply classic Wes Anderson elements into this party. Go on and check out all the fun Quino had with these shots by Delightful Little Darlings!

Quino's Birthday Party Will Bring You into the World of Wes Anderson Movies!

What we’re digging:

  • Quino dressed up as the lobby boy Zero Moustafa! Just look at how cute he is in his costume and it’s exactly like the one in the movie! I especially adore the photo where Quino is sitting on top of a concierge table setup. His smiling face will certainly brighten up your day!
  • Quino’s birthday cake is also a delight to see! It had the facade of the Grand Budapest Hotel at the base of the cake and Mendl’s sugar pastries on top of the other layers–this cake is too cute!
  • The newspapers, pastry shop, and purple tags with details of the Grand Budapest Hotel all helped set the mood! I really admire the amount of effort that went into making this party resemble the film.
  • Quino’s party kept up the Wes Anderson elements by using another one of his films as styling inspiration! If you’re a fan of his work, then you’ll easily recognize the Camp Ivanhoe setup from the movie “Moonrise Kingdom.” The picnic tables and all the different props will surely make you feel like you stepped onto the movie set yourself!

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Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings / Venue: Manila Polo Club Turf Room / Cake Baker: Cottontail Cake Studio / Event Stylist: Party Magic / Coordinator: Party Starters PH / Activity Area: Crafts and Party Bucket / Play Area: Ada’s Wonderland 

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