These Moms Share Their Parenting Resolutions for 2020!

Are you ready for the New Year, mom? With the new year and the new decade only over a week away, this is the best time to reflect on the past year and think about your 2019 mommy highlights.

Read on to find out how these moms plan to make 2020 their year with these New Year resolutions. And don’t forget to let us know your parenting resolutions for the new year in the comments!

These Moms Share Their Parenting Resolutions for 2020

To lessen my screen time. - Belle Atienza

Checking my phone is such a habit for me that I don’t even know I’m doing it many times. As we moved into our new house, my husband and I made a conscious decision to live without a home wifi so we can limit our screen time.

When it comes to my daughter, I have no problem setting screen time limits. But what kind of example am I sett for her by being glued to my phone? So, we vow to make the coming year a little of a hands-free living.

(But I’ve accepted that some days, it’s just not going to happen. Those are freebies!)

— Belle Atienza


To take care of myself more by allowing breaks during the day. - Bianca Santiago-Reinoso
Be it an hour of alone time or a quick walk before dinner. I have none of that now and it’s not just because i toggle between working mom and a no yaya kind of mom life, but because I didn’t make time. I’m not quite the resolutions gal, so this is tough haha! I’m going to make it happen.

— Bianca Santiago Reinoso


To be more active. - Katt Palma

Being more active will not only benefit my health (and getting back in shape) but it shows [that I’m] giving priority to my toddler’s development and growth. Andray is starting to be very very active from climbing furniture to walking around and I want to be able to meet the level of energy he [has] while helping motor and social skills.

— Katt Palma


To be more responsible about what my baby sees and hears. - Rachelle Ong-De Jesus
Every since I was still pregnant with my first born, I promised myself to make sure that whatever he sees in us parents and hears from us should be good. Kasi I believe he will absorb everything (lalo na at 0-24 months), which I believe will impact his personality and attitude in the future.

I did just that during his 1st month. My attention was 100%with him kasi I’m a hands-on mom. But I had to work, sometimes I get bored along the way, so I use my phone, watch television. And sometimes I watch a not so kid friendly show…

So I guess I need to be more unselfish. By [making my top priority] what my baby sees and hears kasi I really believe ultimately it will shape who he is in the future.

— Rachelle Ong-De Jesus


To reframe or shift my lens regarding my child's behaviour. - Yelle Caluag

For instance, when she’s throwing a tantrum, I try to remind myself that sometimes, I too feel overwhelmed, tired, grumpy and anxious, etc.

She isn’t giving me a difficult time, she is having a difficult time and I can help her best by not taking it personally, extending loving patience and modelling graciousness.

— Yelle Caluag

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