See the Baby and Breakfast Team’s Favorite Parties and Shoots from 2019!

This year, we saw a ton of great parties and photoshoots with unique themes, creative styling, and of course, the cutest celebrants. So to give you another dose of party planning inspiration before the year ends, we wanted to share our own 2019 favorites! Check them out below and don’t forget to tell us which parties and shoots are your favorites too!

See the Baby and Breakfast Team's Favorite Parties and Shoots from 2019!

Natural Filipino Beauty and Art
Photos by: Digital Surf / Party: Celebrate Filipino Art and Nature with Rio in Her Maternity Shoot!

I’ve seen way too few shoots that celebrate local quite like this one. By showcasing the wonderful natural scenes from Mt. Dalara, Rio’s artistic handcrafted pieces, Rodney’s touching moments playing music, and the couple’s peaceful lifestyle, this shoot has a little bit of everything that makes our country’s culture so rich and special!

– Frances Jacob, Content Editor


Picturesque Rustic Elegance
Photos by: Mhyian Photography / Party: Cyanne’s Simple and Floral Rustic Celebration

I’ve always admired rustic themed events because of their elegant, modern, and picturesque style. This party is also so minimal and so calming to look at.

– Maggie Lirio, Media Director


Heartwarming and Edgy Moments
Photos by: Whosoever Studios and CRIB by Whosoever Studios / Party: Shake Things Up with Tom and Khylle in Their Effortlessly Cool Family Shoot

I love how edgy and chill this shoot is. I love how genuine their smiles are. I love the mixing and matching of colored and black and white photos. I love the shots of Khylle while breastfeeding because this is something that moms should be proud of! Overall, I love everything about this shoot!

– Mary Villaflores, Graphic Designer


Adorable Nursery Rhyme Nostalgia
Photos by: All About Firsts / Party: Find Your Favorite Nursery Rhyme’s in Luisa’s  Birthday Party! 

I loved singing along to nursery rhymes as a kid. I remember having cassette tapes and books with Humpty Dumpty and Bo-Beep in them much like the theme of Luisa’s party! The colors, decor, and theme were just so adorable and so nostalgic that I’m sure even the adults enjoyed them very much. Luisa’s party also showed us a great way to make reading and storytelling so much more fun for little kids.

– Monica Tulio, Writer


Wes Anderson Movie Magic
Photos by: Delightful Little Darlings / Party: Quino’s Birthday Party Will Bring You into the World of Wes Anderson Movies!

As a long-time movie lover, Wes Anderson’s unique visual style easily stands out to me. So after seeing how this party creatively and cleverly brought together elements from two of the Wes Anderson films I love most, it became an instant favorite of mine!

– Frances Jacob, Content Editor


Dainty Scandinavian Sweetness
Photos by: Everyday Sunday Studios / Party: A Sweet and Dainty Scandinavian Themed Party for Zoe

This party is not only very pretty in pink, but it also looks like my dream Pinterest Board come true! It looks so chic and I really love how the color scheme makes the venue look very bright and neat.

– Maggie Lirio, Media Director


Unique Modern Designs
Photos by: Everyday Sunday Studios / Party: Noah’s Modern Artsy Minimalist Themed Celebration

For me, this kind of party is very unique for a kid’s party. I’m really into minimalist and modern designs, so I like how they used abstract art and shape. It gave of this colorful yet subtle vibe. Also, I love the cake! It’s looks super nice and it’s not too fancy like non-traditional cakes usually are.

– Mary Villaflores, Graphic Designer


Sparkly Pastel Princesses
Photos by: Camille Gonzales Photography / Party: A Lovely Princess Tea Party for Zooey and Zia

This party is every little girl’s dream come true. Who wouldn’t enjoy dressing up as a princess and pretending to have high tea with friends? And just seeing the birthday girls, Zooey and Zia, all smiles in their Belle and Snow White costumes makes me feel so happy too! My other favorite parts about this party would be the sparkly table and tea setup, the pastel color motif that’s so pleasing to the eyes, and the make your own teapot candy box activity!

– Monica Tulio, Writer


Outdoor Dinosaur Fun
Photos by: Delightful Little Darlings / Party: Javier’s Outdoor Dinosaur World Inspired Party

I always loved being outdoors as a kid and this garden party with plenty of space to run and play in looks like so much fun! I also think making use of greenery and earthy colors to complement both the party theme and the natural setting really made this dinosaur world stand out.

– Frances Jacob, Content Editor


Cheerful and Radiant Minimalism
Photos by: Photography by Regina / Party: A Homey and Elegant Shoot for Say Santayana and Her Family

Minimalism and monochromes are what really catch my attention. I love how this shoot looks cheerful and light, but that’s balanced out with a little touch of dramatic scenes from the sunlight and shadows.

– Maggie Lirio, Media Director


One Piece Castaway Adventure
Photos by: Sofie’s Studio Photography / Party: Find Treasure at Emilio’s One Piece Themed Birthday

As an otaku and a fan of One Piece, it was just obvious that I’d be into this party. This is the first time we’ve featured an anime themed party (if I’m not mistaken) and the details are on point! All the desserts look way to detailed to eat! I’d love to put them in a frame and display them in my room!

– Mary Villaflores, Graphic Designer


Relaxing Tropical Getaway
Photos by: Happy Folks Studio / Party: A Tropical Vacay for Nico’s First Birthday

I really enjoyed writing about this party for the idea of a first birthday bash at the beach! The ocean-themed decor was so simple and wonderful to see; they only needed to complement the chill and tropical vibe the beach already has. I especially loved seeing little Nico happily devour his cake with his hands! Another fun part about this beach party is the boodle fight: I don’t think that’s something you see quite often for a kid’s party but it was a great idea and a perfect way to feast at the beach. This was such an intimate celebration over good food and a great view of the ocean.

– Monica Tulio, Writer

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