Here Are Some Creative Baby Names for 2020!

It’s become an annual tradition for us to kick off the new year (and this time, new decade, if you can believe it!) with a list of the coolest baby names for your little bundle of joy. Here are our top choices for unique baby names in 2020–which one is your favorite?

Here Are Some Creative Baby Names for 2020!

BOY'S NAMES Archie Pronunciation : AR-CHEE Meaning: Truly Brave Origin: German Bowie Pronunciation : BO-WEE Meaning: Yellow- or Fair-Haired Origin: Scottish Cairo Pronunciation : KIY-ROH Meaning: Triumphant or Victorious One Origin: Arabic Dakari Pronunciation : DAH-KAR-EE Meaning: Joyous or Happy Origin: Swahili Genesis Pronunciation : JEH-NE-SIS Meaning: The Beginning Origin: Biblical Kenzo Pronunciation : KEHN-ZOH Meaning: Strong and Healthy Origin: Japanese Kylo Pronunciation : KY-LOH Meaning: Sky Origin: American Luca Pronunciation : LOO-KAH Meaning: Bringer of Light Origin: Italian Saint Pronunciation : SAYNT Meaning: Holy Person Origin: Latin Silas Pronunciation : SY-LAS Meaning: Man of the Forest Origin: Latin


GIRL'S NAME Amaia Pronunciation : AH-MY-AH Meaning: High Place, End, or Resolution Origin: Spanish Adalee Pronunciation : AY-DAH-LEE Meaning: Noble One Origin: Hebrew Berkley Pronunciation : BURK-LEE Meaning: Where Birches Grow Origin: Scottish Dior Pronunciation : DEE-OR Meaning: Golden Origin: French Kailani Pronunciation: KAY-LAH-NEE Meaning: Sea and Sky Origin: Hawaiian Isla Pronunciation : EYE-LAH Meaning: Island Origin: Scottish Maisie Pronunciation: MAY-SEE Meaning: Pearl Origin: Scottish Palmer Pronunciation : PAH-MER Meaning: Pilgrim Origin: Latin Stevie Pronunciation : STEE-VEE Meaning: Crown Origin: Greek Yara Pronunciation : YAH-RAH Meaning: Small Butterfly Origin: Arabic


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