Check Out These Environmental Groups the Whole Family Can Support!

We can’t deny the fact that the earth is getting warmer, and the problem of pollution is getting even worse! But that doesn’t mean it’s too late for us to take steps in protecting the environment especially for future generations. Teaching your kids about the reality of climate change is already a big start in opening their eyes to the issue.

But beyond being informed, we must put our knowledge into action too! So, moms and dads, make helping the earth a hands-on family affair by seeing which local environmental groups you can support with your kids! Check out the organizations below and find out how you can help them help mother nature.

Check Out These Environmental Groups the Whole Family Can Support!

Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace Philippines is an international organization dedicated to protecting the environment through information campaigns, peaceful protests, petitions, and so much more. You can easily join Greenpeace’s many advocacies by signing their many online petitions like Breaking free from Plastic, Climate Justice, and supporting clean energy. Your entire family could even put social media to better use by sharing these petitions and other Greenpeace videos and articles so more of your friends and relatives can get educated on the issue too. Teaching your kids about the importance of keeping up the conversation about the environment is a great to start and make a positive impact! Don’t forget to visit the Greenpeace website for more information.


Haribon Foundation

The Haribon Foundation, an organization that takes its name from the Philippine eagle, was established in the 70s with the mission to preserve biodiversity through its various programs in forest restoration, bird conservation, and marine conservation. This is a great group the entire family can support because they accept volunteers of all ages! You can join their tree-planting activities between June to November or their other year-round activities. Simply visit their website and sign up! You may also contact them by sending an email to


Kalikasan Peoples Network for the Environment

The Kalikasan PNE is a national environmental network which started back in 1997. Up to this day, they not only organize peaceful protests and activities to advocate the environment, but they also champion human rights. Kalikasan PNE has even initiated efforts to protect indigenous people by bringing awareness to operations which harm their land. The organization hosts walks, marathons, forums, and plenty of other activities you can join to get the whole family involved in their campaign against climate change! Check out Kalikasan PNE’s full list of activities via their Facebook page!


Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

The Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines aims to educate Filipinos about the importance of marine wildlife and how to protect them. One of their efforts is called Pawikan Watch, which provides learning materials all about the pawikan and the many threats they encounter like illegal capture or trading. The Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines has also partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to train volunteers who are interested in helping turtles in their local communities.

And if you ever spot a marine turtle or witness any kind of suspicious activities involving any marine animals, you can let them know by filling out this form or by sending the group a message on their Facebook page so that they can use their resources to address the issue. This is also one good way you can show your kids how to be accountable for all the species around us.


Philippine Animal Welfare Society

The Philippines Animal Welfare Society or PAWS is a volunteer-based organization that advocates the rights and welfare of animals. They operate a low-cost veterinary clinic and shelter with over 300 neglected and abused cats and dogs. So if you and your kids have a soft spot for animals, you can all volunteer for their Shelter Feeding Program or even rescue a furry friend by fostering! Visit the PAWS website for more details and be sure to take note of the group’s requirements before volunteering or applying for fostering.


World Wide Fund For Nature

Since the 1960s the World Wide Fund for Nature or the WWF has been initiating efforts in sustainable farming and agriculture, climate and energy conservation, and the protection of endangered animals. One of their most famous events is Earth Hour, a public mobilization that promotes conserving energy.

To help WWF conserve the earth’s limited resources, you can check out their website for some awesome reading material on how you can live sustainably and be a hero for both the environment and your kid’s future by joining as a volunteer. WWF also allows family businesses willing to lend a helping hand to become WWF Corporate Partners, showing you that there are plenty of ways to get involved!

Protecting the environment is definitely a team effort and starting with your family is the best way to go! Support these organizations and help make planet earth a better place for every family to live in.

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