Cabo’s Newborn Shoot Was Inspired by His Parents’ Jobs!

For little Cabo’s newborn shoot, his parents went with the creative idea of using their cool professions as a theme! Just like his head firewoman officer mom, Cabo was dressed up as a firefighter, decked out in all the right firefighting gear. And to be just like his dad who is a judge, Cabo the lawyer had a tie, gavel, and his own stack of law books.

We love how Cabo’s parents found fun ways to bring the work they love into this adorable shoot. And who knows? Maybe Cabo will grow up to be a real fireman or a lawyer in the future! After all, start them young, right? Get your shoot inspiration from these photos by Little Pearls by Grey!

Cabo's Newborn Shoot Was Inspired by His Parents' Jobs!

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Photographer: Little Pearls by Grey / Venue: Greyshell Studios / Costumes: Sophia’s Crochet Collection / Decorations and Styling: Little Pearls by Grey

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