KonMari Approved Organization Tips All Moms Should Swear By: Living Room Edition

The living room can have many different functions. It’s the area where you entertain your guests, the space you can use as a family room, and sometimes even a space to exercise! Since the living room is one of the main communal spaces at home, a bit of mess is unavoidable.

But guess what? There are really easy ways to keep your living room neat and tidy! Wouldn’t it be better to sit back and relax in a clutter-free living area? So, we talked to two organizers trained in Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™ and they gave us tips on how you can keep your living room organized! Check out their expert advice below.

KonMari Approved Organization Tips All Moms Should Swear By: Living Room Edition

Designate space for shoes and bags

Since the living room is a shared space where everyone can relax and socialize, keeping it organized means giving each item its proper place, including shoes and bags.

You can do this with a big basket at the side of the couch or underneath the coffee table for placing bags, and indicate to your family and guests where to place their shoes.

Discard items that don't spark joy

Over the years, we tend to collect then forget about certain items that we no longer need. Kids also outgrow their toys and clothes pretty quickly. So, instead of letting them pile up and take over your space, take time to sort these out and decide which ones you can either donate or throw away completely.

Kids can be messy but with the right guidelines and limits they will learn to appreciate a neat and organized home after discarding the belongings the don't spark joy.

“The KonMari method promotes discarding after a while because we outgrow certain things at home. This is important for mothers to adopt as a practice for their kids to maintain an organized environment over the course of their young lives,” says Claudine.

Keep the space simple

We all want our living rooms to feel warm and welcoming. To achieve this, it helps to keep this space clean, simple, and without any unnecessary items or decor laying around.

Avoid putting in too much stuff that will make it difficult for you and your guests to move around. Keep decor to a minimum to avoid the dust to settle on it [and] put away personal items.

“As much as possible, you want your living area to be always ready for guests and for you to lounge [in] after a long day,” says KonMari Consultant Issa Guico-Reyes.

Don't be too hard on yourself

No matter what, you’re still doing an excellent job at taking care of your family and home, mom! We all know that schedules tend to get hectic and having a messy living room is inevitable. But don’t worry. Although organizing can take a bit of time, it can still be a learning process that you can go through at your own pace.

“Accept that there are days where things won’t go your way but you will always have the opportunity to change it and live a better life,” shares Issa. “My husband will always tell me, let go of the things you cannot control and start changing the things you can.”

Slow progress is still progress. You don't have to overwhelm yourself but enjoy the process. That's why I remind people that it is always a good day today. A good day to start, a good day to be happy, and a good day to achieve what you need to achieve.

So, go on and try out these practical tips yourself to help make your living room the relaxing and welcoming space you want it to be. We’re rooting for you, mom!

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