7 Bonding Activities to Help Your Kids Get Along

Although petty fights and misunderstandings are inevitable between siblings, it’ll still be useful to introduce your kids to activities that can help strengthen their relationship with one another, even at a young age. After all, isn’t it any parent’s dream to see their children get along well? That’s why we’ve prepared a list of bonding activities you can try out with your kids!

But, first things first, mom: Make sure to take into account what interests your kids, both individually and collectively. Getting to know their personalities can tell you which activities will bring out healthy competition instead of yelling and arguments. The goal here is to build a solid relationship so lean toward projects or games that work for your kids and can help them work together.

Keep reading for seven engaging activities that can get your kids to have fun together!



Most kids love making noise, dancing to music, or singing along to their favorite tunes. The key here is finding the right musical activity for each of your kids. But if it’s too soon to get serious about music, your kids can also easily make music from everyday things at home. Craft sticks and a few buckets or bowls, for example, make for an easy drum set. Have your kids add some rice to a plastic jar or container and they’ll have their own egg shaker.

Making music together will definitely give your kids plenty of happy memories to bond over and enjoy. And who knows, they might even form a band in the future!



It would be nice to have a bookshelf within your kids’ reach so they easily have access to books they can enjoy and learn from. And while smaller kids can’t actually “read” books just yet, often times they can make up stories based on the pictures they see. So give your kids some books and have them practice reading together. It would make a great scene to see your bigger kids read to their younger siblings, too!



A bucket of cars can definitely keep your kids preoccupied for a while. For the more reserved or quiet kids, playing with cars can be as simple and creative as lining them up or even sorting them according to color or size. And when your kids are in the mood for a little more excitement, they can race the cars. Prepare to hear laughs or those tiny screams from across the room, as your kid



Do you know any kid who didn’t play with Lego or blocks in their childhood? These toys are proven to unleash your child’s imagination and creativity. Your little ones can play side by side, building their very own castles, skyscrapers, wands, animals, houses–you name it! They’ll end up talking each other’s ears off comparing them afterwards.

More importantly, your kids can play with Lego and blocks together to assemble a giant structure that they all thought up. And for the little ones, they’ll surely have fun “destroying” the construction!


You can never go wrong with sports. After all, we all know that moving around for a bit of exercise is always good for one’s physical, psychological, and mental health. Whether it’s running, football, or volleyball, you can never run out of sports your kids can try.

This will definitely help them learn not just the technical skills needed to play sports, but also more about which activities suit just them and which they really enjoy with their siblings. Your kids will also get to understand true camaraderie, self-discipline, playing under pressure, and respect for others.



This could be another bonding activity, especially for bigger kids. Why not involve your kids when you wash your car on weekends? It could be a great opportunity to talk to your children about school, their interests, or the current show they are watching in a more relaxed setting. For some parents, providing an incentive like extra baon or allowance can motivate the kids to work together on this new job. This can also help develop a sense of responsibility and teamwork among your children.


Whether it’s Snakes and Ladders, Pictionary, chess, or even our good old sungka, board games are definitely another great idea for sibling bonding. Your children’s memory formation and cognitive skills are developed while playing too. They’ll learn to think for themselves, outsmart each other, or work with their brother or sister to win the game.

And silly games will work well to create happy memories too. Ever heard of Pie Face? It’ll surely bring laughter (and mess!) among your kids!

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