DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her!

The best kinds of gifts are the ones that come straight from the heart! We’re talking about gifts you can put together on your own since the amount of time and effort that you give into thinking of and making the present is already a gift in itself. So, for this Valentine’s Day celebration, surprise the love of your life with a special DIY gift! To help you out, we’ve got some suggestions you can try. Check them out below!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her!

For her

A bouquet of love letters

The art of handwritten love letters is still alive! Gentlemen, won’t it be so meaningful to give your wife a bouquet of love letters instead of just flowers? All you need is a little origami magic to get your letters to really look like flowers. And this arrangement surely won’t wilt either! Love letters are a great way to remind each other of all the fond memories you’ve shared through the years.

A delicious chocolate dessert

Chocolates are always a classic on Valentine’s Day, but instead of purchasing a box from the store, why not try making chocolate goodies instead? Now, you don’t have to be too intimidated because there are plenty of easy, no-bake chocolate treats you can pull of, like truffles or no-bake cakes. Just check out recipes online or watch videos with step-by-step instructions.

A pass for a good night's sleep

If you’ve just had a baby, then let your wife have one full night of rest without having to get up every two hours. This doesn’t have to be valid on Valentine’s Day itself but for any day she might feel like using it. Let your wife have one full night of rest by taking care of all her household tasks for her so that she can go straight to bed. After all, sleep is precious, especially for a hardworking momma like her!


For him

A jar of affirmations

Of course, dads need some words of encouragement every now and then as well. So write some compliments and things that you love about your hubby in small, separate pieces of colored paper, then place them inside a mason jar. Decorate the jar as you wish to make it more creative! You could also write some of your favorite memories together or the most meaningful moments you’ve shared. This way, whenever your husband is feeling stressed, he can simply pick out a piece of paper to remind him just how loved he truly is!

A Valentine's Day breakfast

Start the day with a heartwarming breakfast spread to fuel your hubby with love and good vibes before you both head off to start your busy days. It can be as simple as making heart-shaped sunny side up eggs and bacon or red velvet pancakes! He’ll surely appreciate the effort you put into waking up early to cook him a delicious Valentine’s-themed meal.

A guide to a year of dates

Going out on dates isn’t limited to Valentine’s Day only! It’s important set some time for just the two of you at least once a month! A great way to make sure you and your hubby won’t run out of ideas for these monthly dates is coming up with a guide. Make your own date guide by writing down activities on 12 pieces of paper (to represent each month of the year) and pick one out before date night!

These activities could be as simple as breakfast in bed or cooking dinner together. You could even place the pieces of paper in a box, in envelopes, or turn them into cards which you can bind together. It’ll be fun to get a little crafty with this gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day, mom and dad!

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