KonMari Approved Organization Tips All Moms Should Swear By: Bedroom Edition

After a long day at work, what’s the first thing you look forward to when getting home? Heading straight to your bedroom and laying in bed, right? Your bedroom should be the perfect space for your rest and relaxation. That’s why keeping it neat and tidy is so important.

Last month, we asked two organizers trained in Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™ to share how you can organize your living room. Today, KonMari consultant Issa Guico-Reyes is back to share her expert tips on tidying up your bedroom. Read on to find out what she has to say!

This is the heart and soul of organizing. You should be able to create a category for your items that you can easily identify and follow. You can first make a general category then subcategorize if you want it to be more detailed. Create categories that are easy to follow.

As the saying goes “a place for everything, everything in its place.” Storage bins are there for its purpose and that is to be able to “house” your items. Once everything is sorted out a proper storage will help keep the value of your items.

If you’re new to organizing things can be a little overwhelming. Start small so as not to surprise you. Instead of doing the entire room, do a small area first – your desk or a portion of your cabinet. That way you would be able to finish something instead of creating more pile because you no longer want to finish it anymore.

You don’t have to spend much when buying for storage items. We’re very fortunate to live in a country where there are a lot of affordable items and handicraft stores around. You can even do make-shift boxes – shoe boxes that you can cover with wrapping papers to make it look appealing. You can also use ice cream tubs, they can be used for storing items too and not just for frozen fish.

The line with the most conviction in Elsa’s song. Let go of the items that no longer matter. Ex: used batteries, don’t let it sit in your drawer for years, throwing it won’t hurt. As for the more important things, if you are extremely attached to it there’s nothing wrong with keeping it especially if it still brings joy looking at it. But if you feel that it’s only taking up space and you can keep the memories in your heart and mind then you can either let go, donate or sell.

Most of the time the reason why we’re holding on to things is because that item is the bearer of a memory. Good thing our phones have cameras now, taking a photo of it could help preserving that memory and writing too! Channeling your attachment to other things can also help you to let go of things.

While it’s overwhelming to look at storage bins, always try to imagine if housing your items will improve the way you move around the house/office. Sometimes boxes with lids can lead to neglect. You might forget the items inside if you keep it. Place your everyday items in an area where you can easily see it. If you are storing items in high areas, make sure that you use small boxes so that it won’t cause any strain or accident when you need to bring it down.

Have a box where you can just put the receipts / documents / files that you don’t have the time to attend to yet but since it’s just one place in case you need it you know where to find it, as opposed to having it in every drawer in the house. Just a tip: get a shallow box so that when it’s piling up that’s your signal to sort, having a balikbayan box for it might just not help. Haha This can also work in the closet. You can have a box for donate and sell, if its filled up, you know what to do.

Make sure that you have a standard look that you want to achieve at the end of everyday. Having that “standard” will be the one to remind you that things are getting out of hand (literally!). If you will be complacent chances are you can fall into a trap and will start to accept that having clutter around is a part of you.

If your standard of a bedroom is with clean sheets every week then make sure to change it every week. If you want all left overs to be eaten by Saturday then by Sunday no more left overs should be in the fridge. Setting a standard is the start of habit. And it’s always good to stay consistent on those good (cleaning) habits.

If items are starting to pile up because more important things are happening in your life and you have no time to clean and it’s no longer meeting your “standards”, accept that there are other ways to deal with it. Don’t beat yourself up,  go back to No. 3 or call me!

When I was a child I thought I was cleaning just to please my parents. I never knew that they’re preparing me for life. I felt like I lost some part of my childhood because half of my day everyday was spent on cleaning, little did I know that it will ignite a passion in helping people.

I love how my husband and kids appreciate what I do for them when I started building a family. Now that I’m doing it for others and seeing my client’s reaction is both humbling and satisfying. Do it for yourself and find joy in putting value on the things that you worked hard for and the reward after is amazing.

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