Annika’s Whimsical Under the Sea Themed Birthday Party!

Some little girls really love dressing up either as princesses, fairies, or mermaids, don’t they? Adorable Annika’s party reminds us of those days we used to pretend that we were swimming under the ocean with a school of fish as friends! So, get ready to dive into this whimsical under the sea themed birthday party through these photos by Everyday Sunday Studios.

What we’re digging:

  • All the desserts decorated with seashells, mermaid tails, and sea horses! You’re going to wish you could take a bite out of those cake pops. They’re all a feast for the eyes!
  • The pink, purple, and blue color motif makes this theme a bit more imaginative and so fitting for a cute little girl. Instead of just turning the whole place blue and green, these pastel hues look more magical, don’t you think?
  • Annika’s birthday cake that is too pretty to eat! It has a big clam shell with a cupcake inside as a topper and is covered by a mermaid, an octopus, seaweed, and a dolphin. We can surely see that each layer was thoughtfully made with the entire theme and design of the party in mind. Adorable indeed!

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Photographer: Everyday Sunday Studios / Venue: Greenhills West Clubhouse

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