Cristalle Belo Shows Us a Glimpse of Her Family Life Before They Become 4

According to Cristalle, the past decade has been one for the books, married to Justin Pitt and having their bundle of joy Hunter. This April 2020, they share their excitement as a second baby is on its way to the Belo-Pitt family! In a soft and elegant bathtub shoot filled with beautifully curated flowers, she blooms with her baby bump. The flowers range from beautiful shades of pink, matching her rosy makeup look. There were sheer maternity dresses with a classic sepia and floral backdrops. To top it off, the family adoringly smiles for the camera in their black and white family shoot. We can’t wait for baby number two! At two years old, Hunter is about ready to be kuya-on-duty! Let’s check out the Belo-Pitt’s maternity shoot from The Stork Studio!

“I didn’t really want to have expectations on being a mom. Working as a preschool teacher, I learned that every child is different and every parent will have a different journey raising a child.”

Cristalle mentions in her previous interview that she and Justin have a great relationship and partnership as they are on the same page in raising their kids. Both Cristalle and Justin respect and listen to what the other has to say. She was surprised by just how amazing Justin is as a partner and dad.

Cristalle has always found that being a mother is a great responsibility. She mentions that it has the power to directly influence a human being’s life. She found that even though Hunter is still trying to figure out his world around him, she’s discovering some things for the first time alongside him. We can’t wait for the new discoveries that now awaits her for baby number two!

“I realized that parenting is not something that we are taught in school yet it is the biggest responsibility in our life – imagine having such influence on human beings that will outlive you. I encourage moms out there to seek information and self educate! Find the method that resonates with you.”

Photographer: The Stork Studio / Flowers: Rob Blancaflor / Makeup: Gela Laurel / Stylist: Billie Mallare / Dresses: Hannah Kong / Bathrub: Kuysen / Hair: Lisa Babaran, Mitch Gallito

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