Aliyah’s Roarin’ Party Fun Day!

Aliyah’s gathered all her animal friends and made a party! And we’re all invited to take a look! With friends like these, who needs enemies? Paws up, everyone! Now’s the time to go and see some animals with Aliyah through the photographs of MC Project!

What we’re digging:

  • Aliyah’s animal friends are on the stage! We’ve got Giraffes, Elephants, Tigers, Monkeys.. what else could Aliyah have for us? Can we talk about those silly monkeys hanging from the ceiling? Adorable!
  • Be careful! There are humans pretending to be animals! As it looks, her human friends are dressed up for the occasion!
  • What’s in Aliyah’s lunchbox? With shades ranging from yellows, blues, pinks, her animal themed lunchbox giveaway is perfect for her human friends!
  • No way! Aliyah’s even got a ballpit for her and her friends to play in! What loads of fun!

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Photographer: MC Project / Videographer: MC Project / Reception Venue: Santolan Town Plaza / Event Stylist: Dream Styling Events Management / Catering and Styling: Hizons Catering / Host: Albert Cuaresma / Planner/Coordinator: Social Happenings Event Specialist / Play Area: Ada’s Wonderland Party Needs

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