Let’s Take A Look Around Hunter Belo Pitt’s Baby Room!

Hunter’s mother, Cristalle Belo Pitt, shares with us her son’s room and how everything fell into place. The muted blue, gray, and white color palette of Hunter’s room gives daytime sky, cool and relaxing vibe. The planes and hot air balloons that fly over the room leave us to daydream around the skies while the fluffy gray rug gives us that comfy pajama feeling. Even matching the color palette, Hunter’s got stuffed bears, elephants, and bunnies as his playmates. At the end of it all, Hunter gets to plop down on his muted blue-gray couch and snooze on his low white crib.

Let's Have A Look Around Hunter Belo Pitt's Baby Room!

We really took our time! As a matter of fact, it all really came together when Hunter was already 18 months. I really feel like the room is a living space that evolves with the baby. Hunter goes through stages so quickly- from not being able to move, then crawling, and now dancing and jumping. As Hunter evolves, the room evolves with him!

We started out with a theme and then that’s when I searched for that particular theme on Pinterest. We were choosing between whales and airplanes but came to a decision when we saw a peg with the propeller and felt that the airplane theme would come to life more. I put the whales in his bathroom instead.

It was a collaborative effort. It all begins with choosing and theme and brainstorming from there.

We didn’t want a color that was too strong or something that we would get tired of so the white wainscoting with a light grey was a good neutral color as a backdrop and since Hunter is a boy, we added pops of blue.

It would be the propeller in the middle of the wall. It makes the mural come to life. I’m so happy my uncle was able to find the perfect one.

It would definitely be the Stokke crib. The room could be totally empty with just a crib and it would still work. Hunter loves his bed and spends 14 hours of a day sleeping. Slowly, I’m going to transition him to a toddler floor bed but for now, he finds comfort and security in his crib. He looks forward to lying down and sleeping beside his favorite Bunbun The Rabbit Bear©.

It would definitely be his crib too!

This is a funny answer, but it’s the floor! I always find myself sitting with him on the floor and playing with him or reading to him. There are also times when we get silly and start rolling on the floor.

Interior Design and Stylist: Babytopia Designs / Photographers: March Henrich Go, Eric Beltran / Fox Lounger: Pottly N Tubby / Crib: Stokke / Table: Oribel / Accessories: Grassroots, Littlelest Setter / Hunter’s Outfit: Petit Bateau / Sleep Helper: BunBun The Rabbit Bear


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