How Families Can Entertain Themselves During Community Quarantine

Families across the Philippines are advised to stay home to prevent the possible spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. To keep the kids at bay, we give you some activities that your families might enjoy their time with and make lasting memories during this trying time. From virtual museum tours, organizing, and reading, here are a list of things you might want to check out!

How Families Can Entertain Themselves During Community Quarantine

Not only does reading help with your creativity and imagination, it is a good memory enhancement! This is good for kids to pass time and divert their attention elsewhere. Different kinds of books expand your knowledge! Reread your history books, geography, DIY books, coloring books, etc. For the little ones, expand their knowledge on their number books, word books, and more! For parents, have you gone book shopping recently? There maybe one or two you promised yourself you’d finish last year. Remember that goal you made wherein you read one book each month? Now’s the time!

While some of your kids might already consider this as their summer vacation, learning shouldn’t have to end. Get books or guides that were intended as yearly guidelines to provide learning in the different subjects or disciplines. This is the perfect time to really see and observe how your child absorbs knowledge. For preschoolers you can use Kidstarter Curious Curriculum. It is intentional and made by early childhood education experts.

There are some museum tours all over the world that you and your family can look at online for free! One of the largest museums, The Louvre that features popular exhibits like its Egyption Antiquities works from Michelangelo. There is a 360-degree look at the museum! Or if you’re feeling more ‘Van Gogh’, you can check out National Gallery of Art in Washing D.C! They feature Van Gogh’s Van Goghs: Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. You may check Mental Floss for their list of free virtual museums here!

Educational classes like Scholastic Learn at Home offer daily courses for students from Pre-kindergarten to grade 6 higher. From animal studies, the life cycle, or math lessons based on K-Pop stars. Scholastic provides three hours of learning per day. They remain free and accessible on any device. Khan Academy offers educational learnings and is a 100% free as well! The education program is for children ages two to five on math, reading, and creative activities such as drawing and storytelling.

The KonMaRi practice paved its way to other people’s lives for the past year. Organizing your closet is one of the first steps! This is a fun and productive way for you and your family to bond. This frees your minds from physical clutter, helps with your time management, and may actually keep your family productive! Organizing your closets or cleaning in general will be a great practice for you and your kids to pick up!

This time is the perfect time to boost your immune system! You can set a cooking date with your family with a plant-based diet! They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals that help lower blood pressure and reduce risk of diabetes and most importantly your immune system. Here are some 30-minute plant based meals by Forks Over Knives!

DIY’s are encourages recycling, a great stress reliever, and boosts your creativity. There are some cool DIY projects you can do online such as converting your wine bottles into small gardens, baby food jar vases, make a little basket from old newspaper or a painted bottle flower display. Some of the coolest DIY projects you can do can be found in here!

Why not build a cozy and fun pillow fort with your family? Get creative! Throw on colorful blankets, different pillows, some fairy lights, transform the corners into a little hideaway for you and your kids to nap and unwind! The possibilities are endless!

Collages are a great way to enhance creativity and commemorate! You can do different collage by cutting out images from old magazines, newspapers, or picture books. If your family is feeling a little sentimental, why not stick old pictures and frame them? If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can always make a collage with your family online together! There sites like Photocollage and Canva (to name a few) that help you do this!

There are some good family-friendly video games to play! There are different platforms you can choose like phones, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, Mac! Mario Kart is a classic game for many age demographics, bringing everyone’s competitive hats on! Heads Up is a good iOS and Android game that gets everyone pumped up! Some family-friendly games can be found here!

If you want something more traditional and non-electronic, you can stick to board games! More board games are coming out per year and it’s hard to keep track! Why not try Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game for a family night? Or how about Exploding Kittens card game? A test of luck! Try not to get the exploding kitten! Here are some fun family-friendly board games that everyone can enjoy!

Plop down in your couch and get lost into the black hole that is Netflix. There are some family-friendly movies to watch like the TV show Full House, Disney’s Wrinkle in Time, The Flintstones, Baby Geniuses, or even a classic Dwayne Johnson’s Tooth Fairy! There are different movies for different kind of mood!

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