Food That Will Help Boost Your and Your Kids’ Immune Systems

Making our kids eat healthy will always be a challenge.  But amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s of utmost importance that we get to serve our kids food that can help boost their immune system (and yours too!) while still enjoying every single bite. We have a rundown of the foods that are rich in vitamins that can surely help us strengthen our systems. And don’t worry, we also added some suggestions on how you can spin these into fun snacks
or meals for you and your kids!

This summer staple is bursting with vitamins A, B6, C, and potassium that contributes to proper immune function. You can consume it in several fun ways like making watermelon sorbet, watermelon pops infused with lime and ginger for that extra flavour boost, or even a good ol’ watermelon shake! Slicing them up into cute shapes with the help of cookie cutters can also make watermelon snacking fun and mess-free for the kids.

Almost all citrus fruits have high vitamin C content, and since our bodies don’t naturally produce it, it’s best to chomp on some oranges, apples, or grapefruits every once in a while! Slice them into cute shapes or make some freshly squeezed juice out of them are no-fail options. The ever-reliable lemonade sweetened with honey will always be an all-time favourite. And with the best benefits, too!

The go-to palaman of our kids can actually help boost immune systems and support heart health! Peanut butter contains vitamins E and B6, as well as zinc and magnesium. To put a fun spin on peanut butter, it’s time to stray away from your usual sandwiches; add them to your banana smoothies, homemade ice creams, oatmeal cookie recipes, breakfast pancakes, or even simply dipping some apples in them! Although, peanut butter is also fairly packed with calories and saturated fats, so it’s still best to consume in moderation.

Almonds are packed with vitamin E and healthy fats that will not only support your immune system, but promotes a healthy heart as well (same with peanut butter!). Your kids may not be munching on them like candy bars right now, but you can have them start by adding them into their favourite foods; crush ‘em up and top them on their ice cream, pancakes, or cookies. You can even opt to make some candied almonds!

Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins A and C, and quite a generous serving of fiber. Not only are these crucial for immune function, but these are great for your skin as well! Sweet potatoes can be turned into various dishes like sweet potato mash and fries, which your kids will surely love to have for an afternoon snack!

I hope I didn’t lose you there! Spinach is considered a “superfood” for its high content of folate, vitamins A and C, fiber, magnesium, and iron. Spinach may not sound as appetising for kids, but you can surely serve them up in several ways that will make them dig in! A spinach-artichoke dip that goes well with chips or crackers will be enticing, as well as adding them into lasagna or stuffed pasta shells. Note that it’s best to cook them lightly to preserve most of its nutrients and to reap its maximum benefits.


We hope that this list will help you get creative serving up the healthiest meals for your little one! It’s also best to remember that while food is medicine and it can help protect us from sickness, it should always be paired with proper hydration and a good amount of rest.

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