Into the Rabbit Hole with Clara’s Alice in Wonderland Party

Time is ticking, where should you go? It depends on where you want to end up! But here, Clara’s Alice in Wonderland party is where there are tiny Mad Hatter hats, ‘eat me’ sweets, rabbits, and more rabbits! Now I ask you, would you like to go on an adventure now or would you like to have some tea first? Now’s as good a time as any! And don’t worry, we’re all mad here and you’ll fit right in! Now let’s go check these photos from Sofie’s Studio Photography!

What we’re digging:

  • Clara’s birthday is originally called: Clara’s Magical Onederland! It is written on top of her beautiful backdrop of a garden field with flowers and little lights!  How clever!
  • There were tiny Mad Hatter hats for kids in different patterns! Everyone must be mad as a hat. You know what they say, mad as a hatter and twice as twisted!
  • Look at this Alice in Wonderland themed birthday cake! With teacups, roses, keys, a clock, and Alice herself! Time is ticking! Is it cake time yet?
  • Those popsicles are adorable! They’ve got their own little green hats with cards and purple flowers on them.

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Photographer: Sofie’s Studio Photography / Event Stylist: Party Bitz & Pieces / Desserts: Buffet of Sweets by Ananta


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