How to Quarantine Hangout with Your Mom Barkada

What was once an easy call for coffee or a quick lunch out to hang out with your mom barkada has been impossible lately since the Enhanced Community Quarantine. While we are very grateful to be surrounded by family 24/7, hanging out with friends is an essential need too, especially if it has been a staple part of your weekly routine. It is important that we don’t confuse social distancing with social isolation, so thank God for technology! Video conference apps like Zoom, Skype, and Kast have been everyone’s solution in keeping connected. So for all the moms out there crying out for the company of their friends, we have rounded up ways to hang out and keep your connections alive with your mom barkada!

How to Quarantine Hangout with Your Mom Barkada


Virtual Game Night / Powerpoint Party

Take your wine nights with your gals a notch higher and add some fun games while on a video call. Games such as Pictionary, Charades, and Bring-Me have been popular favorites. However, if you want to get a little more out of just plain games and want to have some useful takeaways at the end of the night, you can get everyone to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and have what is now called, a “Powerpoint Party”. It’s another creative quarantine-conceived idea where participants are asked to prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation about any random topic they find interesting. It can range from something educational to something goofy and silly. Some have gone from astronomy, zodiac signs, to unsolved murders, to Disney Princesses. It’s a fresh way to bond while learning and easing the boredom together.

Virtual Workout

Keep up and don’t skip out on your #WODs just because you’re not in a gym setting. Assemble your workout buddies, roll out your mats, set up a video call, keep being accountable for each other, and slay that WOD together! This pandemic won’t last. You’d want to come out at the end of this with your girls looking fit and healthy as ever! Here are some online workouts you can check out!

Cooking or Baking Day

The beauty of these online video conference calls is that you can include your friends in pretty much anything you do during the day. So why not schedule a cooking or baking day with your gals. This is a great way to share recipes and have those juicy kitchen conversations you used to have before this quarantine. Here are some healthy plant-based pantry staple recipes you can cook up!

Netflix Watch Party

“Netflix and Chill” can get overly chill when you watch alone with just pizza, or wine, or your sleeping kids as a company. Now, a solution has been made for those nights when you feel like it would be more worthwhile to watch with your barkada. Using the Netflix Party Chrome Extension, you can now binge-watch with your friends by syncing your screens and gush out your thoughts and your feelings through a group chat. This makes things a lot more fun and exciting, and births a new term “Netflix and Chika!” Click here for further instructions on how to start your Netflix Party!


You may have friends who aren’t subscribed to Netflix, and that’s okay for Kast is here. Kast is a live hangout where you can also host watch parties with anyone in real-time not limited to Netflix. You may host watch parties on any streaming website of your choice. You can start video calls and voice chats for that unlimited chikahan with your friends!

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