Keep Your Kids Productive During Quarantine With a Daily Activities Plan!

To all working parents out there, we see you! The shift from a typical office setting to a work-from-home setup is not an easy transition. It’s definitely a bigger challenge having to look after your kids alongside chasing deadlines and even handling some chores at home. To help shine a light in navigating this tricky road, we reached out to Teacher Tas Herrera, a pre-school educator based in New Zealand, who came up with a simple yet immensely helpful solution for your work-at-home woes. Read on to see what she has shared with us!

Keep Your Kids Productive During Quarantine With a Daily Activities Plan!

The Importance of Establishing a Routine

Teacher Tas has taught kids from pre-toddler up to kinder and has also handled classes for grades 1 to 3. In her fruitful experience, she emphasizes the importance of a routine for kids especially in their growing years.

“Routines help the children develop a sense of confidence and empowerment that they can handle changes that occur inside the room. These changes will allow them to tackle bigger changes in their environment as they grow up. Structure and routines allow children and even adults to internalize constructive behaviors.”

The behaviors and skills that kids pick up from learning a routine can go beyond the classroom setting. Especially in today’s changing times, the need to adapt is crucial and establishing a routine will definitely help guide both parents and kids through the changes.

Incorporating Play into Kids’ Routines

After two years of teaching in grades 1 to 3, Teacher Tas decided to expand her horizons and teach in another country where learning through play is greatly considered as one of the best ways for children to learn. Through her experience teaching preschool in New Zealand, she was able to come up with a Daily Quarantine Activities Plan that will encourage kids to be creative and productive while still being guided by following a routine at home.

“I came up with the plan because I know that parents now may need to work from home and concentrate on what they are doing. It will be impossible to do this when children constantly yearn for something to do and are very used to following a certain routine. When their daily routines are not followed, they start to feel anxious and restless because of the unpredictable changes that occur at home. Making this simple routine for the children can help parents feel at ease and also keep the children busy and their minds stimulated."

Below is the Daily Quarantine Activities Plan that Teacher Tas came up with.

Teacher Tas made sure that the materials to be used are recyclable and are easily found at home. Aside from the art activities, simple chores are also added to teach kids about responsibilities at home and to hone their self-help skills as well. In addition, notice how each day the routines include a unique way of greeting family members. It’s a thoughtful and simple way of making your kids feel safe and comfortable especially during these times.

"Making this simple plan with routines will help children cooperate and take charge of their own activities without having their parents tell them what to do next. It will allow the children to “look forward” to things they have fun doing and also helps them build a strong connection with the rest of the family. When routines are set, there will be more time for children and parents to connect and make memories because the focus is not mainly on telling them what to do since everything will flow smoothly and lovingly."

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