Now Showing: Scarlet’s Pink Hollywood Birthday Party

The pink carpet is out and Scarlet is struttin’ it down the hallway! Scarlet is looking picture-perfect for the paparazzi and ready to show off her pink birthday party with her midnight blue dress on! Expect stars and pink party balloons cause we’re rolling it up with Harry Lim Photography!

Now Showing: Scarlet's Pink Hollywood Birthday Party

What we’re digging:

  • Scarlet’s got all sorts of sweets for you! We’ve got some multi-colored gummy worms, banana gummies, dress and suit cake pops, and Hollywood-themed cupcakes to name a few.
  • Come and watch The Greatest Showman perform! Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler have an intimate sing-along and P.T Barnum is giving us a show! A million dreams are keeping us awake! This performance is a crowd favorite for sure!
  • Can’t get enough of Scarlet’s movie-themed cake! With popcorns, film rolls, and a slate to match the theme, Scarlet Gabrielle’s 1st Birthday, a movie I’d like to see!

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Photographer: Harry Lim Photography / Stylist: Party Dish / Entertainment: Clowning Around


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